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Hong Kong is constantly getting recognised as a leading art market and creative city. The city is full of art in various corners, from sculptures to beautiful wall paintings. It is more than a concrete jungle that is advertised. Art and culture have always been a big part of Hong Kong, inspiring thousands of artists and attracting various art events.

There are various art festivals in Hong Kong that exhibit and promote all forms of art. The constant art festivals enhance the charm of Hong Kong. The famous Hong Kong Art Festivals include Art Basil, HK Arts Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, French May and many other exhibitions throughout the year. 

The magic of Hong Kong is that there is always room for more art festivals and exhibitions. However, hosting a successful and attractive art festival can be complicated and comes with various risks.

These art festival risks could include weather cancellations, injuries, damages and even cyber-attacks. The hosts need a range of protection to cover these risks and the art festival. Hence, the article will highlight the top insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong to increase the chance of successful events.

Top Insurance for Art Festivals and Exhibitions

Event Insurance

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Most art festivals are known as art events. The art festival hosts have various duties to ensure the event goes smoothly and is enjoyable. The hosting business must also be aware of the possible risks of hosting an art event.

Event risks can ruin the event for the audience and the hosting business. An event risk is any unfortunate situation that occurs before or during the event and results in some form of damage to the hosts or attendees.

These situations can include

If any of these situations occur, the hosting business will be responsible and will have to change its financial budget to fix the problem. The event risks can completely throw the event off and ruin the chances of rehosting in Hong Kong.

Thankfully, hosting businesses can purchase event insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong. The insurance will financially cover the costs related to event risks to help the hosting business recover. Depending on the specific situation, it will allow the hosting company to refund, repair, replace and compensate. However, it is important to understand that event insurance will not cover damage to art.

Public Liability Insurance

The purpose of an art festival is to invite as many art enthusiasts to every event. The more people that attend, the more successful the event is considered. A large turnout helps spread the joy and message of art to Hong Kong. However, the hosting business is responsible for the safety of everyone who visits and attends the art events.

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There is always a chance of attendees being injured during the event due to freak accidents or host negligence. The injured attendee may even sue the art festival for compensation. 

The hosting business will have to cover the injured attendee’s medical bills and provide appropriate compensation. These costs can be hefty and affect the company’s financial stability.

Public liability insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong can cover unfortunate injuries. Fortunately, event insurance coverage includes public liability cover, but companies may need a separate policy for exhibitions that are not considered events. Public liability insurance will cover the costs of third-party injuries and property damage.

Injuries could occur at any point, and insurance can save an art business significantly from financial loss. 

Art Insurance

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Most art festivals in Hong Kong feature artwork from around the world. The art festival business will handle the import, export, and protection of the art for the different exhibitions.

The art could be damaged, lost or even stolen while the art is in transit, storage or displayed. There is only so much an art business can control when dealing with art. For instance, every piece of art has a sign saying “Do Not Touch the Art”, but there are countless situations where attendees have broken exhibition rules and accidently or intentionally damaged art.

Even if it was not directly the art festival host’s fault, they will still be responsible. The hosting business will have to pay for the repairs or a high compensation replacement value. These costs can lead up to millions when it comes to famous art.

Due to these disastrous situations, art insurance for art festivals is crucial. The insurance will cover the art from when it leaves the owner until it is returned. Therefore, if there is any damage or loss, the insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement at market value. Insurers can customise the policy to fit specific art festival risks and different types of art.

Cyber Insurance

When hosting an art festival in Hong Kong, the business must have a specific website to advertise exhibitions and sell tickets. The website gains a large amount of private data, from emails to credit card details. The hosting business’s online presence and the art festival website create an attractive target for cybercriminals

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Recently, there was a cyber-attack on Christie’s auction house, which was dealing with USD 840 million worth of art. The cybercriminals put the website offline and delayed the event– experts dealt with the threat before cybercriminals stole any data. The cyber-attack reminded the public that attacks can occur in any industry with an online presence and data.

There are various forms of cyber-attacks that can steal data, shut down websites and request ransom. Serious cyber-attacks can disrupt the entire festival and ruin the event’s reputation.

Cyber insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong is becoming essential in dealing with cyber-attack concerns. The insurance will cover cyber experts’ advice, threat removal, data recovery, third-party communication, ransom costs and financial loss. 

The art industry needs to take cyber threats more seriously and have cyber insurance with adequate cybersecurity measures.

Personal Accident Insurance

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When running an art festival in Hong Kong, a wide range of volunteers is necessary. The event needs volunteers to help set up, guide attendees and ensure the exhibition goes smoothly. The hosting business is liable for each volunteer’s safety while on duty.

Unfortunately, while performing their jobs, volunteers may face injuries. Work injuries could include art handling injuries, heatstroke, slips and falls or attendee-related injuries. Regardless of how the injury occurs, the business will have to cover the medical bills.

Companies can purchase personal accident insurance for art festivals to cover staff. The insurance covers most forms of injuries during the policy period. Companies can purchase personal accident insurance for multiple volunteers at a reasonable cost for a short period. 

Benefits Of Insurance for Art Festivals 

Planning and executing an art festival is exciting, only if risks are taken care of. Without professional protection, the event can be complicated and lead to a disaster very soon. Proper insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong brings various benefits to the hosting business.

One of the main benefits is the financial protection when dealing with possible risks. Every insurance policy has a unique coverage that helps the art business recover and move on without a substantial financial loss.

Another benefit is gaining the trust of artists, the Hong Kong Tourism Board/government, and more. These parties are more confident in a host with sufficient insurance to protect the art and event in case of any issues. Some clients or venues may require this coverage to host the event. 

Insurance for art festivals in Hong Kong allows the artistic event to flow smoothly without hosts stressing at every stage.



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