What is Art Gallery  Insurance?

Art Gallery Insurance

Art Gallery insurance plans can offer comprehensive protection for the gallery’s stock/asset while it is located on the showroom’s premises or when it is temporarily removed for display at an art fair or exhibition.

Art Gallery Insurance can provide Wall-to-Wall with All Risks protection for works of art in transit, when the gallery’s collection is on display at an exhibition or fair there is a risk that the works will be damaged getting to their final destination.

This insurance can help art galleries obtain the innovative protection options needed to ensure full protection of the stock – no matter what happens.

What is covered?

The art is protected, lost or stolen, damaged accidentally or maliciously. Art Gallery Insurance protects :

  • Galleries
  • Private and corporate collections
  • Exhibitions
  • University collections (including standard library books)
  • Fine art packers and shippers
  • Classic cars
  • Conservators/restorers

What should you know?

When choosing your policy, it is important to make sure it covers a variety of situations that could affect your art such as fire, natural disasters, theft, and damage from accidents at home and during transit. Most Art gallery businesses also want coverage for loaning the art, such as for display at exhibitions.

Art galleries should purchase a policy that covers both replacements, which covers: the art if it is stolen or completely destroyed, and restoration.

Another factor to look at in a policy is if they will reimburse you for lost value, such as if a required repair reduces the market value of your piece. Insurance experts recommend insuring art for its market value, not for the original cost.


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