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Organising an event is hard work and hectic due to the planning, budgeting, communication and much more. Most events are organised by businesses promoting a product, talent, brand, communicating a specific message or benefiting the community.

When organising events, there are various things to consider and understand—one of these factors being event risks. Event risks are any possible unfortunate situation that could occur and negatively impact the event and anyone involved.

One of the worst event risks is cancellations. Some situations may force an organiser to cancel the event, resulting in financial loss and reputation damage. The most common reasons for cancellation is inclement weather.

There are certain steps businesses must take when dealing with inclement weather risks and the possible cancellation that follows.

How To Deal with Inclement Weather as An Event Host?

Track The Weather Frequently

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When hosting a business indoor event or a fun public outdoor event, the local weather plays a big part. Businesses must constantly track weather conditions near the event day(s). Inclement weather can be sudden, but various forecasting platforms help with planning. 

There is always a chance the forecast may be wrong, and a rainy day may be sunny. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Tracking weather can also possibly help avoid cancellations

For instance, if a business discovers a week in advance that there is a high chance of a storm hitting the same day as the concert date, they can quickly move the dates. The costs may be much lower than cancelling the event entirely. As a business, you do not want to cancel at the last minute or be liable for an attendee injury.

Take Information from Trustworthy Websites

When tracking weather or using weather platforms, it is crucial to use credible sources. There are various websites and unauthorised websites that provide inaccurate weather forecasts.

As a hosting business, you should use government websites that use science and technology before forecasting. These websites are constantly tracking the local weather using satellites and updating their websites every minute.

Attendees and partner companies are more likely to understand and respect cancellations when a trustworthy weather website forecasts inclement weather.

Protect Equipment and Property

Every event depends on a large amount of equipment to function, from audio and visual equipment to a stage. The equipment is typically set up at the venue days before the event. Although, when it is an outdoor event, the equipment is always at risk.

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There is always a chance that inclement weather will damage outdoor rented or owned equipment. Hosting businesses must act on the weather information and move or cover equipment or property – even for bad weather during set-up days.

Equipment moving and covering will disturb the set-up timeline but will be worth it compared to repair or replacement costs if damaged. Even event insurance will not cover weather equipment damage that the hosts could avoid with proper planning.

Purchase Event Insurance

Every event needs event insurance to protect the event from risks. The hosting party must purchase the insurance before the event during the planning stage. The insurance helps cover unpredictable situations that may occur before or during the event.

The coverage includes cancellations, equipment/venue damage and third-party accidents. Thankfully, the insurance can cover inclement weather cancellations. The insurance will cover refunding tickets, lost deposits and other financial losses. However, it is important to purchase the insurance in advance at least a month before the event to get the most accurate coverage.

The weather is uncontrollable, and even the best planning can result in cancellations, damage, and financial loss. The policy can solve various problems that may occur without a warning and help a business save a large amount of funds.

Make A Decision 

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As a hosting business, when faced with inclement weather, there are countless decisions to make. There will be bad weather situations where the host is not legally required to cancel the event. Even then, the host must consider if the event will be safe.

Before taking serious action, the hosts must analyse the risk, loss and all possible outcomes. The analysis can help make decisions that benefit the business, partners and attendees.

Some decisions include whether to cancel, postpone, change venue, etc. When deciding to cancel, the business must stop sales and plan the next step of communication and refund. The proper professional decision can help protect the event’s brand image and avoid unnecessary risks.

Inform & Reimburse Attendees

When cancelling due to inclement weather, the hosting business must professionally communicate with the attendees and partners involved. The communication must be quick and reach everyone most effectively. For instance, attendees shouldn’t risk their safety by reaching a cancelled event because they were not informed.

The hosting business must use all possible platforms to communicate the information, reason and the refund process. In addition, it is better to have some form of compensation to help deal with disappointed attendees and reduce the chance of reputation damage.

Hosting businesses must also ensure the reimbursement process is simple and quick, regardless of the amount. The worst thing a company can do is take years to reimburse and make the process complicated.

Communicate With Insurance Providers

Before and after a business cancels an event, it must keep communicating with its event insurance provider. The communication will help clarify what costs will be covered and what the insurance company will reimburse.

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The communication can help the business calculate the final damage of the inclement weather cancellation. Some event insurance policies may also help with public relations activities. The insurance provider should always be aware of the business’s decisions due to any event risk.

Additionally, the quicker the financial loss is calculated and communicated, the faster it will be reimbursed so the hosting business can move on.

Plan Next Event

Even if a business cancels an event for unpredictable reasons like inclement weather, they must move on and plan for the future. It is important to consider re-planning the event or focus on another event.

The most crucial step when re-planning an event is to purchase an event insurance policy to cover potential risks.

The host can use the insurance reimbursement value to reinvest in the next event. The cancellation process can help understand what period of the year to avoid and increase the event insurance coverage.

Benefits Of Event Insurance When Inclement Weather Cancels Event

As mentioned, every event needs event insurance, no matter what event it is. The insurance is the perfect protection when things go wrong. No event is entirely risk-free; even a well-planned wedding during the summer can be affected by inclement weather.

Event insurance has various benefits for policyholders that help hosts recover and possibly plan for the future. One of the main benefits is the financial protection. When faced with inclement weather cancellations, a massive amount of financial loss follows. Thankfully, insurance will cover most of the costs related to event risks.

In addition, having event insurance beforehand makes dealing with inclement weather less stressful. As soon as a storm rises, policyholders understand their loss will be covered regardless of the outcome.

Inclement weather is becoming unpredictable worldwide, and event insurance is the best protection against such risks.



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