What is Event Insurance?

Event Insurance

Insurers can customise event insurance specifically to different types of events. Events range from a simple corporate company party to large public concerts or exhibitions.

Purchasing event insurance can help protect you against any risks associated with hosting your function. Event insurance covers a range of risks that could affect the event or an accident that occurs during the event.

Many companies and individuals are more interested in making sure they have event insurance before anything is planned.

What is covered?

Event Insurance covers events such as:

The insurance covers these events from:

  • Equipment damages
  • Injures at events
  • Third party damages
  • Cancelations
  • Weather interruptions
  • No Appearance


What should you know?

Event insurance will not cover material damages caused  by rain at an outdoor event. As this is the hosts responsibility to make sure no equipment is critically damaged by the rain when outdoors.

Event Insurance will not cover pandemic cancelations. Over time the  world wide pandemic showed  insurance company that there is an increasing chance of events being cancelled by Covid.

Before a you plan your event, It is best to consult with specialist insurance providers who understand your event and can help you pick the right kind of event insurance policy that fits your events risk.

It is best to buy event insurance in advance, at-least two weeks before the event , incase of the weather and sudden unpredictable situations.



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