What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance protects you if a third party (a member of the public) sues your business, alleging that your negligence caused them some type of bodily injury, death or property damage. The most common accident resulting in this type of claim is a ‘slip and fall’.

When you are subject to legal action, you will notify your insurance company. The insurer covers any costs associated with the lawsuit.

Public liability will cover all legal costs and also pay for third parties recovery. It allows the business to run normally and avoid any major public problems, protecting the owner finically and the brand itself.

What is covered?

This insurance is a great insurance for businesses that deal with customers that come into the working space and are reliable for the customer’s safety, As Public Liability insures.

  • Sums you’re legally liable to pay to a 3rd party for bodily injury or property damage
  • All costs and expenses incurred for defending any claims against you

Although Public Liability  DOES NOT cover :

  • Bodily injury or property damage to you or your employees would not be covered as you’re not technically considered 3rd parties. To get this coverage, you should look at  Employees Compensation Insurance.

What should you know?

It is essential to understand the public liability to protect your business from any public claim or court cases; you must know:

  • The insured businesses regular duties need to be defined well to guarantee that the policy covers all the range of services that your company provides. When creating or updating your public liability insurance policy.
  • For example, if your policy defines you as a restaurant, but also sell non-edible goods, then your business may not be fully covered and could require a separate insurance policy.
  • The public liability insurance policy should also cover any liabilities to subcontractors and their workers or their actions

Good to know!

Public Liability in Hong Kong is one of the section of Office/Shop package and for most of businesses come free of charge with the HKD 10,000,000 limit. It can be upgraded up to HKD 30,000,000 limit for an additional premium.



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