Year of the Rabbit

We are just a few days away from one of the most popular celebrations in China, Hong Kong and many other Asian countries. The celebration is called Chinese New year – Year Of The Rabbit. The festival celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar  

The origin reason for Chinese New Year was to scare off the monster Nian (“Year”) away at the start of each New Year. The monster was afraid of lights, noises, and the colour red. Since then, the festival has been all about bright lights, lion dances, red clothes, and red decorations. 

Each year is marked with one out of twelve animals that brings something unique to each year. To makes things even better, kids and young adults receive red envelopes filled with money (hóngbāo/lai see) from the elderly, wishing them good luck.

2023 is the year of the Rabbit (water Rabbit). The year may be lucky for many and possibly unlucky for a few. However, each year comes with predictions that help followers plan their year and keep them safe from risky decisions.

The article will look into what the year of the Rabbit brings us in 2023 and if there is a way to ensure you are safe this year. So it is time to understand what this year of the Rabbit will bring you.

What Is The Year Of The Rabbit (Water-Rabbit)?

Each year is related to a zodiac animal. There are 12 zodiac animals, and the first Chinese king decided the order with a race. According to Chinese astrology, each year also has a particular element – Water, Wood, Earth, or Fire.

January 22 will be the end of the Year of the Tiger and the start of the Year of the Rabbit. Expert forecasters say the Rabbit is the luckiest of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. Hence, many expect this year to bring prosperity, hope and peace.

According to Chinese astrology, the Rabbit represents calm and patient energy. The Rabbit is a gentle creature that thinks before acting. The Rabbit energy will inspire us to approach challenges and opportunities calmly and rationally.

As this year’s element is water – things will feel more fluid or require more fluidity. It is the year to “go with the flow”.

Year Of The Rabbit Predictions – Lucky or Not?

Business – Career

Many are curious about the future of their career and business. People want to know if they will be promoted, will their business reach new heights, or will get that dream job they want.

 Year of the Rabbit-Career

The year of the Rabbit will be a good year for career and professional growth for most zodiac signs. Of course, everyone must put in the work and dedication, but things may develop easier, and luck may be on your side. 

However, when it comes to changing careers, 2023 might not be the best year. Therefore it is a great year to stick to where you are and put in the effort to see what magic it brings. Just remember, it’s better to work smarter than work harder.

When it comes to working smart, professionals must protect their businesses from danger in case risks go wrong. The best way to avoid professional risks is by having the right insurance. The essential liability insurances are professional indemnity (PI)director & officer (D&O)product liability and public liability insurance. These liability insurances will help protect your business and career liability to make the year smoother.


Is it even a good year if the money doesn’t flow in? We all want each year to be better financially, to allow us to upgrade our lives and make changes. Luckily, the year of the Rabbit may be in our favour.


The year is predicted to be successful financially, and most zodiac animals may find it easier to earn money. Although, you and your business must stay focused and think through decisions. 2023 may be an excellent time to take mindful risks and let luck do its part. 

However, anyone born under years of the Rooster must be more careful as they may face more financial encounters. Roosters will have to work even harder to avoid these issues.

When it comes to personal wealth, it is up to you to spend or save – but as a business, you may depend on others to pay for your product or service. Companies can purchase trade credit insurance to avoid business financial loss and reduce risks. The insurance will help cover if another party cannot pay their dues. The insurance will help money flow like water through the year of the Rabbit.

Lifestyle and Health 

However great your career and wealth, your health is the most important every year. It is essential to be healthy and improve your lifestyle. Positive health and lifestyle can bring great things even if it is not meant to be your year.

Healthy Lifestyle

Thankfully, most zodiac animals will have a healthy year with plenty of energy. So this is a great time to start focusing on being fit and changing your lifestyle. The year of the Rabbit will award people who put in the effort – do not ignore your health.

Though, people born under the year of the Dragon and Monkey may face some health challenges this year. In addition, they may go through stressful situations that they can overcome with the support of loved ones. 

However healthy you are, you must make sure you have health insurance to protect you throughout the year. Health insurance will allow you to get the best treatment if a surprise emergency or illness appears. The insurance is good for your health and finances, as the insurance will cover most costs. We got to be like Rabbits this year by hopping around everywhere (healthy) and smart with insurance.

Society & Social Issues 

The past few years have been tough, and things finally seem to be getting better. Everyone hopes for a better year where social issues calm down and things return to normal.

Social Issues 

Fortunately, experts predict the Year of the Rabbit will bring peace, harmony, and calmness in 2023. Social issues may find their way to reach peace, and the world will seem much better than in previous years. In addition, positive influences will help people do the right thing and enjoy more (maybe environmental impact).

We all hope for a less dramatic year, but there is no real guarantee. So everyone, especially professionals and business founders, should look into possible risks and find the best protection. Speaking to your insurance provider about potential threats is one of the best ways to be prepared – just in case it is not as peaceful.

How Can Insurance Make the Year Of The Rabbit Safer?

We hope the year has no risks, no problems and is as peaceful as ever, but unfortunately, we all know this is never possible. Hence having the appropriate insurance is the best strategy to make the most of the Year of the Rabbit. Then, even if something goes wrong, you will be covered and able to deal with it more easily.

There is an insurance for almost any threat during the year of the Rabbit. As long as you describe your business or personal risks to your insurance providers, they can find the best combination of insurances. 

The combination of adequate insurances will help companies avoid large amounts of financial loss and unnecessary reputation damage. It is better to be safe with insurance than regret when things don’t go as predicted.

We hope you have a great Chinese New Year and jump through the year of the Rabbit with positive energy and success.


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Disclaimer– The predictions in this article are not factual, and the information has been gathered through various astrology websites. Red Asia Insurance does not guarantee prediction legitimacy and will not take responsibility for the outcome. We are just an insurance company!