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We hope you have burned off the Christmas and New Year weight cause Chinese New Year is just around the corner-Year Of The Tiger. It is the most anticipated time of the year in Chinese culture. In fact, the festival is celebrated by 20% of the world.

The origin of the Chinese New Year was to scare the monster Nian (“Year”) away at the start of each New Year. The monster is afraid of bright lights, loud noises, and the colour red; hence, the festival is full of bright lights, red clothes, and red decorations every year. It’s a year to forget the old and invite the new. A time to feast on delicious food with loved ones. Additionally, kids and young adults get excited to collect red envelopes, known as hóngbāo/lai see, full of money and good luck. Family, friends, food and money- doesn’t it sound like the best festival ever?

The 2022 year is to celebrate the year of the tiger, specifically the year of the water tiger. Each animal brings different fortunes for the year and guiding predictions for the future. Everyone will go through significant changes: some may lose fortunes, others may gain. With a New Year, it is crucial to have the right insurance to keep you and your business safe, no matter fortune or loss. The New Year is predicted to be full of risks and changes; hence the right insurance can make dealing with unfortunate events easier and enjoy the year with no stress. So it is time to read on and understand what this ‘year of the tiger’ will bring you.

What Is The Water-Tiger?

Each year is named after a zodiac animal. There are 12 zodiac animals in total, which the king decided with a race. According to Chinese astrology, each year is linked with an element-Gold, Water, Wood, Earth, or Fire.

1st February 2022 is the beginning of the ‘Year of the Water Tiger’. The Tiger is the third animal of the zodiac signs- and the king of all animals in China. The Tiger personality is known for its fiery, passionate, daring, and fearlessness. Water Tigers are independent, fearless, loyal, and have high self-esteem. They’re strong in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge; they’re persistent and determined.

Therefore the year of the tiger will bring a certain amount of good luck in some areas and maybe some bad luck. The predictions are typically broken down into career, wealth, health and love. Thankfully there is a wide range of insurances that can help in each category in case things don’t go as planned this year of the tiger.

Year Of The Tiger Predictions -Lucky Or Not? 

Business – Career Predictions

Year of the tiger-Career.jpgOur careers and businesses are important to us, and we want the best every year. Some of us love our jobs, and some might be hoping for a change. According to astrology, the ‘year of the tiger’ is an excellent year for risks and changes. It might be the year you may get promoted to a new role or change your job to something you love. The year will keep bringing changes; some good and some may not be that great. Apparently, the luckiest zodiac sign this Chinese New Year will be people born in the year of Ox and Goat. On the other hand, Rat, Snake, Monkey, Pig and Dog will need to make more effort to make impactful achievements in 2022.

Hopefully, all risks pay off for everyone, but one can never be too safe. So everyone should have an insurance parachute for the year, especially business owners. The best way to be deal with any possible downfalls or unexpected risk outcomes is with liability insurances. The main liability insurances include professional indemnity (PI) insurance, director and officer (D&O) insurance, product liability insurance and public liability insurance. A range of liability insurances will protect a CEO, manager, director, and the business from potential liability risks and claims. Liability insurances cover the company against claims resulting from bodily injuries, property damage or financial damage. Claims can appear from anywhere, even if it’s your lucky year, and everyone should be prepared to face them like a fearless tiger.

Wealth Predictions

One of the most popular prediction category people jump to is wealth and how their money flow will be this year. According to astrology research, there will be a flow of money in and out due to the water element. The poor will get richer, and the richer may get poorer. It is a year to calculate money decisions and purchases logically, as illogical investments may have a crashing outcome. The Chinese wisdom advice is to moderate temptations and avoid acting hastily this year. Therefore it may be a year to think before investing in a new stock, expensive electronic or that car you may have always wanted.

Year of the tiger-moneySometimes it’s hard not to be tempted, and you may want to buy something and invest in something new (especially if you have collected a lot of red envelopes). However, risky spending is why people should purchase the right asset insurance with that expensive watch or a beautiful painting. Asset insurance will protect your belongings from damage, loss or even theft. Insuring your assets is crucial in ensuring that your valuables are always protected.

Additionally, business owners may want to purchase trade credit insurance to protect their money flow this year. Trade credit insurance is helpful if a client/customer fails to pay a hefty amount for their order. Money keeps the world running, and this year of the tiger, we have to be smart and determined with our wealth.

Lifestyle and Health Predictions

CNY healthLike the Tiger, 2022 is also the 3rd year of the pandemic and will affect people’s lifestyles and health in various ways. The expert astrologists have also predicted that it may not be the best year for health and lifestyle. People will need to keep their health in check with exercising and resting when exhausted. Unfortunately, millions of people cannot travel home due to the pandemic this year and will face frustration in their lifestyle. If you can’t go home for a Chinese New Year dinner, turn on Zoom and schedule video-call dinner time with the family- a virtual party with loved ones is still better than nothing. The year of the tiger may be challenging during this pandemic time, but there will always be ways to make it fun and keep healthy.

It’s always important to be ready for the worst when it comes to health. The right health insurance can help reduce massive financial bills when suppressing issues occur. Health insurance is the personal insurance product that pays for health and medical expenses. Health insurance can be bought personally and for the family. It’s the year to be extra safe and strong in the face of adversity like tigers.

Society Issues 2022 Predictions

TCNY -societyhe year of the tiger will not bring the best luck on social issues this year. Astrologists predict the year to have worldwide tension and effect on the environment. There might be a shortage of recourses in the middle of the year, where people will have to make analytical decisions to work around. It is the year to think fast and smart decisions to prevent costly scandals. People with power will have to be extra careful through this year. Fortunately, things will improve by the end of the year.

We find the best comfort at home during tension and harsh times. This is why we have to protect the place we love with home insurance. Whatever happens globally, home insurance will cover your belongings and property. Home insurance offers coverage to a home and the physical contents damaged by the unpredictable event.

Another insurance that business owners should invest in is environment insurance. Environmental issues have become a big part of the world and are getting more intense in 2022. Environmental Insurance provides cover for clean-up costs and legal defence. In addition, it can cover third-party costs for damage to nearby locations, and potentially compensation for any loss of business suffered as a result. Finally, the insurance will help solve any environmental mistakes your business might make this year.

It’s the year to learn from past mistakes and use the correct insurance to make things better in the year of the tiger.

How Can Insurance Make The Year Of The Tiger Safer?

Year of the tiger-InsuranceWe hope you have the best year of the tiger and everything goes the way you wish. It’s the year to take intelligent risks and work around the pandemic. Unfortunately, as we have observed in the past few years, things don’t go as predicted. Therefore, the insurances mentioned above are a great way to protect yourself and your business in unpredictable situations.

There are many other personal and business insurances that you can purchase to avoid specific risks. The right insurance can cover the policyholder from financial loss, reputation damage, and stress. It is always a great feeling knowing when things go wrong, a safety net will soften the impact.

Have a great Chinese New Year with your family and friends; it’s a festival to feast and relax, but also a time to prepare for a brighter and safe future.

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Disclaimer– The predictions in this article are not factual, and the information has been gathered through various astrology websites. Red Asia Insurance does not guarantee prediction legitimacy and will not take responsibility for the outcome.