Assets Insurance

Best quality products usually are the most expensive. May it be a fancy watch, jewellery, art or even a dream camera. All these products, when purchased, automatically become the buyer’s Assets.

There are a couple of questions that determine how valuable an asset is to you, such as:

  • Would you be able to wear/use the expensive belonging in a crowded place, with NO worries?
  • Would you be able to cover the cost to replace it?

If the answer is ‘No’ to even one of these questions- then it is time to learn more about Asset Insurance and invest in the best asset insurance that will cover your belongings. Asset Insurance is designed to protect your assets from any damage, loss or even theft.

Assets Insurance
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Domestic Helper Insurance

Nearly all Hong Kong residents have hired saviours that are known as Domestic Helpers. They are the backbone of many Hong Kong homes,as they make life much easier and manageable for an average working Hong Kong resident.

The domestic helper insurance is great investment, it can help both parties and helps through many situations.

Every Domestic helper needs insurance when they are employed in Hong Kong. The Domestic Helper Insurance provides the helper accidental and medical protection they need and helps the employer to meet the agreement to be a responsible and caring employer

helper insurance
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Home Insurance

We are pleased to offer you the possibility to subscribe your Home Insurance in Hong Kong with one of the most reliable international insurer , CHUBB.

Our Online Subscription System will ease your access to Home Insurance. 5 minutes application and you will receive your insurance policy directly fro CHUBB!

Easy to understand, easy to subscribe with just 3 different package corresponding to the Public Liability and Contents Value you wish to insure.

Subscription of this policy will cover your home on an All Risks basis as well as your family Personal Liability!

Home Insurance
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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like a last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas.

It an insurance that can save you  from financial loss and stress. With travel insurance you can enjoy you trip and not worry about flight delays, baggage loss or even sudden hotel booking cancelations.

Subscription of a Travel policy will cover  all travel risks and  support you when a sudden change occurs during your trip!

Travel Insurance
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Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance is a luxury policy that provides protection and services at any time for the vessel and the valuables associated with the yacht. Much like car insurance, when an owner buys a yacht, third-party liability protection is mandatory.

The protection is a must for such vessels in Hong Kong due to typhoons, the number of boats in the sea and unpredictable situations an owner may face. In addition, the insurance will repair or replace your yacht and also provide emergency towing.

The insurance company can also tailor the insurance to insure boats and provide similar coverage.

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We have been glad to subscribe our Travel Insurance with Red Asia Insurance cause the after-sale service when comes a claim was precious!

We were supposed to travel for CNY 2020 holidays to Cebu. With the Taal volcano eruption, our whole trip was cancelled. On top of that, our airline company made some difficulties to issue the “No Show” certificate.

Anyway, Red Asia Insurance team made their best to assist us and within only a week, we were reimbursed for our whole trip!

Marine Veillon, in Hong Kong for 3 years


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