Weird Christmas Accidents

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, but as we know, every magical story has villains. The holiday is different for everyone; some enjoy the holiday without any risks, are always careful and don’t get too carried away. However, some people are the cause or victims of weird Christmas accidents that ruin the holiday and much more.

Some accidents are due to negligence, and some just don’t make sense. But, unfortunately, these Christmas accidents may turn into claims or lawsuits that make insurance companies scratch their head and wonder – how?

The article will point out some weird Christmas accidents that resulted in claims and lawsuits which ruined Christmas. So time to read, and we hope you don’t have to deal with these weird Christmas accidents this holiday.

Top Weird Christmas Accidents and Claims

Falling Christmas Tree 

Decorating and setting up the Christmas tree is a common tradition for most celebrating the festival. Christmas trees come in all sizes; several can be heavy and unbalanced. Every tree needs a base and loads of decorations. Decorating the tree is a great experience and the best way to get in the Christmas mood. But is there something as too much decoration?

Falling Christmas Tree

There is a physics to Christmas trees – no, you do not need to calculate any numbers. But there is a limit each Christmas tree can take till it tips over and comes down crashing. If it is just a 4-foot tree, it won’t do much damage if it falls.

What if it is a 10-foot tree and falls on your guest? All those ornaments come smashing down on them. A falling Christmas tree can cause injuries and a very angry guest. A guest could sue the house owner if injured due to tripping over wires or falling trees. Hopefully, your home insurance is valid – as in these cases, home insurance will cover the costs of these weird Christmas accidents. So, make sure your home insurance is updated and check on your Christmas tree balance.

Non-Stop Jingle Bells

There is such a thing as too much decoration on a tree, but what about too many festive songs? The holiday is full of decorations on every corner inside and outside the house. Some of these decorations have a cute tune and bright colourful lights. However, occasionally outdoor decorations get too much and cross the line.

Non Stop Jingle Bells

Imagine hearing the same Christmas song all day from a plastic reindeer. Thankfully you don’t actually have to live it- Unlike a neighbour who had to listen to 16 hours of non-stop jingle bells, which the owner would not turn off. Finally, the neighbour had enough and sued the decoration owner for noise pollution. Christmas lawsuit may not be one of the common weird Christmas accidents, but this one is hilarious and can happen when one overdoes it.

The lawsuit worked; she had to pay a settlement and take down her Christmas decoration – at least the noisy one. Bet she will think twice now before even purchasing a single ornament. No insurance will cover such cases, and the lawsuit costs will have to be paid from pocket. Even though it is a festival about spreading joy and cheer, one must respect their neighbours.

Christmas Tree Lights Cause Fire

Christmas lights are the first decorations to go up and the last to come down during the holiday season. These lights are beautiful and really uplift spirits, but they also bring hazardous home risks. These risks occur if you are careless and use old lights. Christmas tree lights are not made with the best material and tend to worsen over the years.

Christmas lights fire

During the month, many want it to be bright and festival all the time. The best way to do that is to leave the Christmas lights on all day and night, right? No! These Christmas lights can be extremely dangerous. Many house fires begin due to lights left on while homeowners are not in the house or on holiday. 

Fires are one of the more serious and dangerous Christmas accidents. A house fire will definitely ruin Christmas, and all because someone wanted to be more ‘Christmassy’.

Additionally, home insurance will not cover Christmas lights due to how common the accidents are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Christmas lights, but just be careful, leave them on only when you are home and turn them off when you go to bed.

Dog Eats Entire Christmas Dinner

Your pet deserves to enjoy Christmas with gifts, treats and more time with you. But, unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous time for your pets with more guests coming over, dangerous food all around and risky decorations. As a pet owner, you must keep an eye on your pet even though you may be busy cooking, decorating, and completing your Christmas chores. 

dog eats turkey

Leaving your food near your dog may be one of the worst ideas. A pet owner learned this when she left her home to complete some errands but accidently forgot to hide the turkey. They came home to a surprise, which was funny and shocking- when the turkey was missing. The mystery was solved when they saw their initially small dog now lying down as big as the turkey. They rushed him to the vet, and thankfully, everything was all good; he just needed medicine to help the food pass out quicker.

There can be various pet-related weird Christmas accidents that might make you hurry to the vet. Vets report the festive season as being one of their busiest times of the year. Hopefully, every owner has pet insurance that covers medical costs all year round. It’s always safer to know what your pet can eat and advise guests not to feed your pet.

Dangerous Toys

Toys are a huge part of Christmas for kids and a chore for parents. Parents pretend to be Santa and purchase the best gifts to please their kids. Kids want many things that may not be the most appropriate gifts for their age. As parents, you must stop and think before buying toys and calculate possible risks. Unfortunately, not all parents do this until it’s too late.

dangerous toys

During Christmas, several parents suddenly want to sue companies for making toys that are too dangerous for their kids. Adults purchase toys hazardous to young kids, which cause Christmas accidents like injuries or property damage. For example, many parents have tried to sue the nerf gun company (Hasbro. Inc) cause their child shot them. Even though they are the ones who bought the distinctly dangerous toy.

It is true some toys are dangerous and should not be given to children. Such cases are weird, as parents actually expect young children to act responsibly. Product liability insurance will cover such accidents due to product defects and help the company provide accurate settlement costs (if it was their fault). As a buyer, just make sure you read the box before wrapping it – there will be warnings and age labels that may help you avoid future Christmas accidents.

Why Do These Christmas Accidents Make Insurance More Important?

Even though insurance doesn’t cover some weird Christmas accidents, insurance is crucial during the holidays. When the proper insurance protects you, it can save your Christmas from most accidents and claims.

Your accidents may not be as weird as the above accidents, but there are still many more Christmas accidents that can ruin Christmas. The right insurance can save you from unwanted financial loss during the holidays from either injury, damages or even lawsuits.

You may need a home, pet, or travel insurance to cover your holiday risks. The holidays are meant to be festive and magical, but that’s not always the case – with the right insurance, you don’t need to worry as much and can move on during challenging situations.

We hope you have a great holiday season, but ensure you are safe every step and try your best to avoid Christmas accidents.


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