What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance

Pets are family and one of the cutest parts of the family. Therefore, most pet owners would agree it is crucial to insure your pet like you would insure your child.

Pet Insurance is designed to help protect your pet at every stage of its life and ease your concern about potential hefty vet bills.

Pet insurance reimburses vet bills when pets are unwell, from small injuries or serious chronic illnesses. You don’t have to worry about vet bills and just focus on your pet getting the best treatment and getting better.

What is covered?

Pet insurance has a large range of cover and includes:

  • Illness Recovery Costs
  • Injury Recovery Costs
  • Vet Consultation
  • Medication
  • Surgery Cover
  • Third- Party liability (If your pet bites another person or another pet)

What should you know?

Unfortunately, the pet insurance will not cover treatments of pre-existing conditions – illnesses or injuries that happen before you purchase a policy or during the waiting period. The insurance will reimburse based on what you are actually paying at the vet’s office, not what we think the treatment for specific conditions should be.

Pet insurance costs and plans will depend on the type of animal, age, medical past and breed. Hence it is best to insure your pet at an early age to get the best coverage at a lower cost.



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