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Namaste! – As yoga is gaining popularity, so is the phrase. It’s how yogis greet each other at the start or end of a class. Yoga is a beautiful form of exercise that provides mental and physical benefits. The practice is used worldwide but originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is known as one of the best ways to relax from our daily stress.

More people want to learn the exercise, and there is a high demand for yoga instructors, recognised as yogis. Yoga instructors are known as peaceful teachers who show their students the purpose of yoga. The exercise is mainly performed through different poses that stretch your body and, surprisingly, is not as hard as some people imagine.

Although, yoga instructors must be aware of risks when planning and instructing their students. Small slips and accidents can result in injuries and lawsuits. Sadly, yoga instructors are held liable if anything goes wrong, even if it isn’t their fault.

Even if yogis have studied all the various risks, it may not be enough. Yogis also need to understand the business risk side to succeed in this generation and in a city like Hong Kong. This article is critical to help yoga instructors know why they should purchase yoga instructor insurance and its benefits.

What Is Yoga Instructor Insurance?

Yoga and insurance are traditionally not two topics that go together. However, they should- yoga instructor insurance can be the thing that saves you from a hefty financial loss or even a business shutdown.

Yoga instructor insurance is a solution created specifically for yoga teachers to protect their liability, students, and possibly third-party risks. Insurers can customise the insurance solution to individual teachers or businesses (studios). It involves a range of insurances that each provide specific covers.

So, why not get in your most comfortable sitting pose and read about what this insurance can do for you as a yoga instructor?

What Does Yoga Instructor Insurance Cover and Why?

That Pose Injured Me!

Most yoga poses are straightforward and can be performed by anyone with the proper instructions and practice. However, some yoga poses need extra training and patience. Even a slight mistake can cause injuries and strain in muscles. A yoga instructor has to provide safe and expert advice to their clients- no matter how big the class is, each client needs equal attention. Unfortunately, things don’t always do the way imagined – a student may perform your instructions poorly and result in an injury.

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In fact, a student can sue the instructor or studio if they feel the instructor’s negligence caused them severe injury. A lawsuit can also occur due to unwanted physical touch or improper supervision. For example, in the UK, a student sued her instructor for £9,000 and won. The beginner student injured her back and claimed it was due to a lack of supervision and negligence.

Like the above example, students push themselves beyond their expertise and blame the instructor. Unfortunately, these cases can happen at any point and to any yoga instructor/studio. For this reason, yoga teachers should purchase yoga instructor insurance. The insurance solution includes professional indemnity insurance that covers professionals and businesses against claims of negligence from clients. In addition, the insurance will reimburse legal, compensation and settlement costs. You can only do so much as an instructor, and insurance understands that.

Yoga can cause property damage?!

An amazing aspect of yoga is – it can be performed almost anywhere, from parks and studios to your own home. Most basic yoga practices just need a good yoga mat and the correct instructions. The multi-locations opportunity is excellent for instructors, as they don’t have to rent expensive studios and can hold classes online or in the park. Although, there are some risks of outdoor workouts, which are a part of public liability risks.

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Public liability risks include if the yoga class causes (student or teacher) property damage or accidentally harms a public member. These instances are rare with yoga due to how peaceful the exercise is, but they could happen. For example, if a student loses balance and accidently rolls into an old bystander (in the park), the yoga instructor will be liable for the injury and claims.

Yoga instructor insurance will cover these rare instances. The insurance solution includes public liability insurance. The insurance will cover all third-party injuries or property damage by paying medical bills, repair costs and legal fees. The cover is extra crucial for yoga studios as they are more likely to be victims of public liability claims, such as slips and falls.

Hackers Aren’t as Peaceful as Yogis

Being online is crucial even as a yoga instructor in these modern days. Having an online presence helps customers find you, book sessions, pay and download yoga plans. In addition, yoga instructors and businesses will need to digitally store valuable client data-such as personal details, bank details and health records. However, as soon as you store personal data on your device or website- you can be a target of a data breach and cyber-attacks.

Cyber threats 2022,

The business or personal instructor is responsible for the safety of the data. Therefore, they should understand that they could be victims of cyber-attacks and data theft. A single cyber can cost nearly a million to move on from. The massive bill will include the cost of cyber forensic services fees, recovering data, informing clients, and removing the threat. The financial and reputation damage can ruin the business and purpose of teaching yoga.

The risk of cyber-attacks is why yoga teachers need to ensure their yoga instructor insurance includes cyber insurance. Insurance can help the insured recover from the smallest to biggest cyber-attacks. In addition, the insurance will cover most costs related to the cyber threat and help your business move forward (without being financially damaged).

Who Needs Yoga Instructor Insurance?

Yoga instructor insurance can be purchased by anyone teaching yoga, Pilates and even dance. Insurers can customise the insurance solution specifically to your needs and risks. It can be a lifesaver for individuals growing their business with a few clients—additionally, the solution is as crucial for larger yoga companies with employees and private studios.

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Although a business with a studio will have to a get a property all-risk insurance add-on to be fully covered. Property all-risk insurance is an important policy to protect physical assets, such as the studio, equipment, and fixtures.

Additionally, property all-risk will cover all their property from fire, damage, vandalism, and theft. The extension can save a business from significant financial loss as the insurance will reimburse replacement and repair costs.

Is Being Insured as A Yoga Teacher Worth It?

Having the right insurance package as a yoga or fitness instructor is crucial as it protects you and your business from risks. In many cases, freelance yoga instructors must have insurance to rent studios or work part-time at gyms. The insurance is an affordable investment for you and your future.

Additionally, there are some great benefits of having yoga instructor insurance. One of the best benefits is the financial protection you will receive. It can get expensive when things go wrong, but with insurance, you do not have to worry about the costs and just focus on dealing with the case in the best way.

Another benefit yogis gain with yoga instructor insurance is the peace of mind of being covered. Handling these risks can be stressful and confusing, but with insurance, you will get the best assistance and advice on dealing with it the right way.

 It’s time to turn your yoga passion into a successful protected business with yoga instructor insurance.



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