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We all have possessions that hold emotional value or high monetary value. Damage or loss to these items can be devastating emotionally and financially and may prevent us from being able to replace them.

To understand what is truly valuable or irreplaceable, one needs to keep an inventory of their belongings. Unfortunately, there is always a chance that any valuable item could be damaged, lost, or stolen due to unpredictable situations.

One of the best ways to protect these items is to insure them with valuable insurance. Many do not consider their valuables to be insurance-worthy– however, almost anything can be insured.

Some valuables are considered high-value items and should be insured when purchased. Having belongings insured can protect its value and the owner’s financial stability. 

But what are these common valuables, and do you own any of these items? 

What is Valuable Insurance?

Valuable insurance, also known as asset insurance, is a policy that covers the value of a specific item in case of damage, loss or theft. Policyholders typically purchase insurance to cover high-value items that no other insurance may cover.

For instance, there is a false belief that home insurance covers all of the policyholder’s belongings; unfortunately, the home policy does not cover high-value items such as jewellery or art.

Valuable insurance can reimburse the policyholder at either market value (cash value) or replacement value. Market or cash value is the cost of the item if sold in the current market, which includes the depreciated value. Replacement value is the amount needed to replace an asset with a similar new item. The reimbursement value depends on the type of property being insured.

Valuable insurance can cover single or multiple items. Valuable or asset insurance can help recover from loss or damage and possibly re-purchase or repair the valuable asset. 

Common Valuables You Should Insure with Valuable Insurance


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One of the most common valuables is jewellery. Jewellery can include any valuable accessory, such as engagement rings, gold sets, watches and more. It is a common belonging worldwide that various people forget to insure until it is too late.

It is the number one exclusion under home insurance due to its high value. The asset can be damaged or lost at home or while wearing. It can occur during an event, travel, exercise or while in storage.

Countless people have invested a significant amount in purchasing jewellery, making any damage or loss devastating and resulting in a substantial financial loss. The best way to protect expensive jewellery is by insuring it with valuable insurance. The insurance will reimburse the beautiful asset at market value, as most jewellery does not depreciate.

The reimbursed value can help replace the item and move on from the emotional stress.


With the Vine Expo in Hong Kong coming closer, numerous customers or businesses will be purchasing crates of wine to either drink or as an investment. High-level wine can be costly, and the price increases over time when stored correctly.

wine insurance, high value item insurance

However, there is always a risk of the bottle(s) being damaged at home or in storage. The damage could occur due to handling errors, inclement weather, fires, floods, etc. 

In these situations, the wine owner may be unable to do much to avoid damage and loss. The high-value belongings will turn into a mess within seconds – making the investment worthless

Valuable insurance is the perfect cover for wine that is considered a collectable/investment. The insurance will reimburse the policyholder at market value due to increased value over the years. However, the insurance may not cover all types of wine, especially if the policyholder intends to consume it soon. 

Next time you purchase a high-value wine bottle, you may want to consider insuring it and turning it into an investment.


 art insurance, Art protection, home art

Artwork can be a valuable investment as well as a beautiful decoration. From paintings to sculptures, there are various forms of art, with some pieces considered fine art, which are typically more valuable and rarer.

Owners of fine art should protect its value for monetary and investment reasons. Those who display art at home must ensure the pieces are in a low-risk position and that the home is secure. Several situations can lead to damage or loss of art. 

For example, art experts advise displaying fine art away from sunlight and in a secure frame. However, there is still a chance of damage due to uncontrollable situations such as home fires, weather, floods, or home break-ins.

In such situations, several art owners contact their home insurance providers. However, like jewellery, home insurance may not cover high-value fine art. Valuable insurance may be the best policy to ensure the value is protected. The insurance will help the art owner repair or replace the art piece.

The artwork may be unique, making it difficult to replace. Therefore, the insurance will reimburse the cost of the art based on the current art market value. Policyholders do not have to worry about a complete investment loss.

Vintage Property

Vintage property refers to goods that are at least 20 years old and hold significant value. Such assets include furniture, home decorations, and cars. Authentic vintage items tend to increase in value over time, making them a sound investment.

Vintage protection, vintage furniture, vintage assets

Collectables can also be classified as vintage assets. We might all own vintage property that we don’t even know about. That hand-carved furniture in your family home may be worth more than you believe.

Damage or loss of vintage assets can be extremely expensive to recover from. They are hard to repair or replace without spending a significant amount. The assets can face damage or loss due to fires, floods, natural disasters or freak accidents.

Vintage good owners must protect their assets with valuable insurance. The policy can help repair or reimburse the market value of the asset. The financial coverage can help purchase other vintage assets that match the purpose or accept the reimbursement as an investment income.


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There are millions of musicians worldwide who spend thousands on their instruments. Replacing instruments can be expensive, especially for amateur musicians. These costly instruments include pianos, cellos, saxophones, violins and more.

Purchasing any musical instrument, even as a hobby, can be expensive. It can be a significant financial blow if the instrument gets damaged or lost. Therefore, it’s essential to have insurance for the instrument, regardless of its use. 

Having valuable insurance for instruments can help cover the costs in case of unavoidable damage or loss. However, it’s important to note that insurance won’t cover damage due to regular use over time.

The insurance will reimburse the value of instruments at replacement value. Hence, the value will reflect the cost of buying a new instrument at that level.

Benefits Of Valuable Insurance for Policyholders

Valuables are always at risk, whether at home or while on the move. Having insurance for valuables offers several benefits, including coverage for assets that may not be covered by home insurance. High-value items require the best coverage and financial protection.

Insurance allows policyholders to enjoy their assets without stress and anxiety. However, in all situations, there will be an investigation to ensure the asset damage or loss was accidental and that there is no fraudulent claim.

Valuable insurance is the best policy to help policyholders protect their assets internationally from damage, loss, or theft.



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