What is Asset Insurance?

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Asset Insurance is designed to protect your assets from any damage, loss or even theft. Insuring your assets is a crucial step in making sure that your valuables are always protected, and in a surprising event, you will be financially covered.

An asset is any physical property that is valuable to a person. Assets tend to be expensive and valuable to the owner or a business; therefore, it would be a nightmare if anything unfortunate happened to these assets. In addition, repair and replacement can cost the owner a large amount, which they may not be able to afford at that point.

Assets can include anything from watches, jewellery, art, wine collection and more.

What is covered?

Asset insurance provides the owner with great financial cover in case of any unfortunate events. Therefore, the asset owners will not need to spend their own money repairing or replacing a valuable asset and still enjoy the asset.

Asset Insurance will cover :

  • Damage to the Asset
  • Lost Asset
  • Stolen Asset

What should you know?

The insured will also benefit from the insurer’s expert on various asset categories. For example, when the insured has lost the main gemstone of her engagement ring. The insurer will provide her with the contacts of their jewellery experts that can repair the ring to the best quality.

Similar to personal goods, asset insurance will provide the company protection for their private collection from damage, loss and theft.

Asset insurance will cover the asset and will help repair or replace after unfortunate situations worldwide.



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Case Study: How Asset Insurance Has Kept A Passion Alive?

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When we lose something expensive, we panic and feel hopeless. It's an awful feeling of knowing that an asset that is valuable to you is gone. This case study focuses on how losing or a stolen watch doesn't cause as much panic with asset insurance. Background of Client Our client is a young adult who has a passion for watches and occasionally saves up to invest in unique watch pieces. Collecting watches has become a popular passion in this generation. Watches are not only a reflection of social status, but also a representation of art, technology, and craftsmanship. A great [...]