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We are just weeks away from the start of July, which also marks the beginning of summer and school holidays. Summer is the perfect time to plan a vacation and make the most of the weather around the world.

A sunny summer vacation is an excellent way to take a break or spend quality time with the family. It’s an opportunity to relax, enjoy some cocktails, work on your tan, and create beautiful memories. However, a summer holiday requires careful planning to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

There’s nothing worse than a poorly planned summer holiday that ends in disasters and financial losses. Therefore, we have compiled the top 10 summer travel tips to help make your holiday stress-free and enjoyable while ensuring your safety.

Top Summer Travel Tips

1. Make A List of Locations

There are countless destinations that are ideal for a summer holiday. Our first summer travel tip is to list destinations that match your holiday’s purpose.

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If you want adventure, you may want to look at locations with more water sports, hikes and thrilling activities. Whereas, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you would prefer looking at locations with the best resorts, spas and delicious food.

Every location may provide something different, and you do not want to end up on a holiday that is too boring or too stimulating. It’s your or your family’s holiday, and it should fit your needs.

2. Choose And Book Travel Plans

At the same time, do not spend too long making lists and researching. Every day that passes, ticket prices increase. A critical summer travel tip is to book your tickets, hotels and activities on time.

Summer in most locations is the busiest time of the year, and things may get booked very quickly. After booking the tickets and hotels, you can breathe and focus on planning the best exciting itinerary.

Planning the trip beforehand saves time while you are there and gives the perfect structure to the trip. But don’t stress if things don’t go according to plan. You are on holiday, so cherish the experience and be flexible.

3. Purchase Travel Insurance

One of our vital summer travel tips is to purchase travel insurance at least two weeks before the trip. Some travel risks are unavoidable and lead to stressful and expensive situations. Travel insurance will financially protect you from travel risks that could occur before or during the summer vacation.

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The insurance will cover the costs associated with cancellations, baggage loss or damage, medical emergencies abroad and provides a 24/7 security and crisis hotline. Insurers can also tailor the insurance specifically for your holiday and its risks.

For instance, insurers can add a personal accident extension to cover the medical costs of injuries on an adventure/sports holiday. Travel insurance may not be mandatory, but it can be the perfect policy in the worst travelling situations.

4. Pack Essentials

Packing can be exciting and stressful when preparing for a summer vacation. Our summer travel tip is to focus on packing the essentials first. Essentials should include documents, passports and essential clothes for the weather.

For a sunny holiday, it is essential to pack light clothes and heat-protective accessories to prevent overheating. 

Don’t forget clothes can always be purchased on holiday, but a forgotten passport or credit card can wreck the trip. Packing light can leave room in your suitcase for holiday shopping.

5. Inform Family and Friends

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Another essential summer travel tip would be to inform your friends and family in advance. Your loved ones should know where you are, especially if they can’t reach you. You could also request them to check on your home and ensure everything is safe– especially on a long holiday.

However, try not to inform everyone, especially neighbours or on social media. There is always a chance a malicious person may hear about your trip and plan to break in while you are away.

6. Ensure Home Insurance Is Valid 

While on vacation, your empty home may be vulnerable to various risks, such as bad weather, break-ins, or fires that could destroy your belongings. You can do nothing to prevent these risks while you may be thousands of kilometres away.

One of the best things you can do is ensure your home insurance policy is valid. Home insurance will cover damage and loss of the home and belongings due to the home risks. However, ensure you have the correct home insurance policy as a renter or homeowner. If you rent, your landlord’s home insurance will not cover your belongings. 

7. Lock Up

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Have you ever had a moment of doubt during a holiday, wondering if you turned off the AC or locked the front door?

Our summer travel tip is to double check everything is locked or turned off before leaving the home. Before you go for your exciting summer vacation, it is essential to close windows, turn off lights, turn off the gas and finally lock the door.

The double-check will give you peace of mind while on holiday and is a great way to avoid those random worrying thoughts.

8. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Some destinations are great for a summer holiday, but temperatures can exceed 35 degrees during the day. High temperatures and the scorching sun can lead to severe illness and skin damage.

Hence, it is essential to do what is necessary to protect yourself from the sun, such as wearing hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and drinking plenty of water.

In addition, if you or your family members feel ill, it is crucial to seek medical assistance immediately. You should contact your travel insurance provider to locate the nearest and most safe clinic and to cover the expenses.

9. Keep Valuables Safe

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No country, city or state is entirely safe or crime-free. It is up to you to be aware of the unsafe areas and keep a close eye on your valuables.

While travelling, you should take advantage of hotel safes, be aware of scams and don’t carry too much cash. As a traveller, you can also purchase bags and pouches that keep belongings safe and hard to open without you noticing. 

If an expensive or important asset has been stolen or lost, you should inform your travel insurance provider for expert advice and submit a claim as soon as possible.

10. Enjoy Your Trip

Our final summer travel tip is to make the most of your trip. It’s not often that we go on holiday, so when we do, we should savour every moment and appreciate the break. Try not to stress about work or minor mishaps. Use this time to create beautiful memories, unwind, and recharge until your next holiday.

Follow these summer travel tips to make the most of your holiday and ensure the safety and protection of yourself, your family, and your belongings.



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