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Travelling is an exciting part of the holidays, from booking the tickets to landing and enjoying the destination. Passengers either fly to a new destination or travel to family during the Christmas break.

In December 2022, Hong Kong Airport handled around 1.6 million passengers flying out of the city. Holiday travels bring joy but can also bring challenges to many. Travelling during the holidays can be hectic and stressful.

Countless travel disasters could occur due to the high level of crowds and the Christmas rush. A travel risk is like a domino effect; when one thing goes wrong, it affects the whole trip. In addition, holiday travel disasters can result in some severe financial loss.

One of the best ways to deal with travel risks and disasters is with travel insurance. The insurance can be a lifesaver when a travel risk results in a costly bill and loss. Purchasing travel insurance during this busy holiday season can be beneficial, even for a short trip.

Hence, the article will highlight the main benefits of travel insurance during this holiday season.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Dealing with travel risks can be costly and can spoil your holiday experience. However, travel insurance can provide you with the necessary protection to ensure you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

Travel insurance covers financial risks and losses that may arise while travelling. Some common travel risks include lost luggage, cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost travel documents.

Travellers can purchase travel insurance for a single trip or all their trips throughout the year. It is an excellent protection policy for all types of travel and can help you focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about the risks involved.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance During the Christmas Holidays

Cancellation Costs Are Covered

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During the holiday season, there may be several reasons why you or an airline may cancel a flight. Personal flight cancellations could be due to sudden illness or a family emergency. On the other hand, airline flight cancellations are typically caused by bad weather, scheduling problems, or mechanical issues. Regardless of the cause, cancellations can be costly.

Airlines may refund flight costs if it was their fault, but they will not refund any expenses related to the affected trip. For instance, if a flight is cancelled, you need to reschedule quickly to avoid losing hotel, car or other holiday deposits.

Thankfully, one of the benefits of travel insurance is that you don’t have to worry about financial loss (deposits) if the airline or you cancel the flight/trip. The insurance cover can help you focus on the emergency or rearrange the trip without financial stress through the holiday season.

Lost Baggage Reimbursements 

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Holiday travel baggage is essential due to the clothes, assets or even Christmas gifts it contains. During the Christmas holidays, the chance of luggage loss is higher than in any other month. Waiting eagerly for your baggage on the luggage belt is devastating, and every rotation makes you lose hope in seeing your bag.

Passengers will have to purchase new clothes, toiletries and may not be able to give the gifts to their family. These costs may add up and disturb the holiday budget, especially when you have packed expensive gifts in the bag.

Another crucial benefit of travel insurance is the luggage cover. The insurance will cover the costs related to lost or damaged baggage. Coverage costs include the purchase of temporary essentials, repair of property or suitcase itself and, if bags are entirely lost, replacement of belongings and bag. Travel insurance will help the worst situation seem barrable and affordable, so you can move on and return to your festive holiday.

Medical Emergency Coverage 

Travel Medical Emergency

A lot can occur during the holiday season, and one of the worst disasters is medical emergencies. Medical emergencies can include illness or injuries due to the food, environment or holiday activities. These emergencies are stressful and expensive even in your home country but can be even worse in a new/different country.

You may need to rush to the nearest hospital for treatment and medical advice. The situation is tense and can lead to an expensive medical bill, which your local medical insurance may not cover. 

Professionals can treat most medical emergencies, but the medical bill can ruin the rest of the holiday and throw off the budget. A lifesaving benefit of travel insurance is the worldwide medical coverage. The insurance will reimburse the medical bills so you can get better without financial stress.

Loss Of Documents and Cards

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There are some documents and property that are essential during travelling. These documents include passports, ID cards and credit cards. Losing any of these documents can ruin and send anyone into a state of panic.

You may not be able to travel back home without these documents, and it will take weeks to get a costly replacement. It can be even worse if the bank does not have a branch in the country or you have no clue where your embassy is.

Thankfully, travel insurance will help during this time with temporary documents and help replace cards. The insurance will also cover all costs related to obtaining these documents as soon as possible so you can return home safely. 

24/7 Travel Assistance

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You may feel lost and hopeless during any of the stressful situations mentioned above. However, the first thing you must do is inform your travel insurance provider by calling their hotline.

A vital benefit of travel insurance is the 24/7 assistance hotline provided to every policyholder. You can call the hotline for various reasons, such as emergencies or general assistance.

The hotline can assist you in finding the safest place to book a hotel. Travel insurance hotline can also help you find the nearest hospital, embassy or police station during an emergency. No matter the time, the insurance hotline will help you before, during or after your travels.

Do You Need Group Travel Insurance?

Even groups can obtain these benefits of travel insurance. You can purchase a group insurance policy to cover your family during the holidays. Holiday travels are typically done with family, increasing the chance of dealing with travel risks.

The family travel insurance typically covers 1-2 adults and up to 5 children. However, every policy differs and can be customised for different family sizes. Each member will receive the same amount of coverage, which can avoid a significant financial loss.

Travel insurance is vital during Christmas to protect your trip from risks that could ruin your holiday spirit.



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