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It’s already December, and we all know what is near: the holidays. “It’s The Season To Be Jolly”—the time to take a break from this long frightful year and enjoy this cold season. The holidays are the best time of year to buy your trees, decorate the house, and sip on those warm drinks. We are in for a long holiday season from Christmas, New Year, and then the Chinese new year. Great time to put on those Christmas festive movies and switch off from work stress.

Christmas may traditionally be the most wonderful time of the year, but many hazards can follow it. Holiday disasters can ruin the festive season and cause unneeded stress: house fires, robberies and even broken belongings.

The best way to avoid this stress and protect yourself, your family and your belongings is with a range of insurances. This article will explain the various insurances that cover any disaster during the holiday season.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong During The Holidays?

The holidays are to relax and have fun; no one wants a disastrous situation to deal with during this time. However, various problems could affect your holiday, and we never think about them due to the festive mood.

Many wonder what could possibly go wrong during these holidays. You may be surprised something like putting up lights can turn into a house fire, an empty house could be robbed or a natural disaster while travelling. These situations are more likely during the holidays and harder to deal with. It can be costly and complicated to recover from during this season. Sadly all this is possible, and this is why insurance is the best cover for many unpredictable cases.

The range of insurances below are a blessing during the holidays and will support you in the worst situations. You will spend enough on gifts and food, and with insurance, you don’t need to spend more on unwanted expenses.

What Holiday Insurance Would You Need?

Home Insurance

Holiday Insurance-HomeHoliday times are when most of us decorate our homes with lights, trees, gifts and more. Our homes are full of valuable belongings that need to be safe and protected. Many of us invite our family and friends over to enjoy the traditions together during festivals. It is also common for families to leave their homes to travel or go for staycations. All this sounds like a lot of fun, but if one is not careful or just unlucky, it can lead to a disaster. The disaster could be a sudden fire, theft or lost/damaged property.

For example, decorating a home inside and out is one of the most festive parts of Christmas.  However, the National Fire Protection Association reports more than 770 home fires are caused by holiday decorations every year in the US. Even though the fact is from the US, it could happen in any home worldwide. Sadly, a house fire would ruin all the festivity and cost a significant amount to fix the home and replace personal belongings.

Disasters like this are why everyone should purchase home insurance before the holidays begin. Home insurance offers coverage to the home and the physical contents that the unpredictable event damaged. Tenants and landlords should buy home insurance to recover from a fire, flood, natural disaster or theft. Insurance is becoming a necessity and is proven to help clients recover from such incidents and reduce financial risks for policyholders. Insurance is the Christmas miracle that will help during challenging situations.

Asset Insurance

Christmas is the season for gifts, and we tend to spend the most on our loved ones. Sometimes we gift our partners expensive jewellery or that watch they always wanted. These gifts automatically become assets that would be expensive to replace. Another common asset is art; people hang priceless art in their house and stress about it getting damaged when the full family is over (especially those misbehaving kids). There is always the risk that assets will get lost or damaged, and it’s a stress no one should be dealing with on the holidays.

Asset InsuranceFor example, imagine you have an expensive painting you just bought for your lovely home. Over the holidays, that drunk aunt accidently spills her wine all over that painting. Sadly, that drunk aunt won’t be paying to fix or replace that painting, and it will be you who will have to deal with the financial loss.

These are the perfect situations where asset insurance allows you to take a deep breath and move on. Asset Insurance protects your assets from any damage, loss or even theft. Insuring your assets is a crucial step in making sure that your valuables are always protected. The insurance provides financial cover to allow you to fix or replace. Assets include watches, jewellery, art, wine collection and more. The insurance will give you the freedom to enjoy the party rather than worry about your expensive belongings. It may be a great addition to a Christmas gift too.

Helper Insurance

During the chaotic holiday season, helpers are a blessing; they help us cook, clean the house, and so much more. They make it easy to host parties and enjoy rather than spend hours in the kitchen. So many families trust their helper immensely that they feel comfortable travelling and leaving the house responsibility to their helper. Most domestic helpers are reliable and perform their duties with no questions asked. Although they are human, they are prone to accidents. Especially during the holiday season, there is extra pressure to cook a large meal and keep the house clean when everyone is over.

Holiday Cleaning

For example, a helper may be cutting vegetables, making the gravy and taking care of the turkey in the oven. She may not realise that she does not have oven gloves on and handles that hot tray with bare hands, and drops the turkey on her foot. She now has third-degree burns and a broken toe. The employer is liable to pay her medical bills and provide her with a salary as she recovers. Many more accidents during Christmas while cooking could affect the helper.

All domestic helpers need to be covered in such injuries with high-quality domestic helper insurance. Domestic helper insurance provides the helper with the accidental and medical protection they need and lets the employer meet the agreement to be a responsible and caring employer. High-quality domestic helper insurance is an excellent investment as it can help both parties through unexpected situations. In addition, the insurance will cover all the costs like medical bills, salary and compensation costs.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance-Holiday.jTravelling is still a sensitive topic, but slowly travelling is coming back. It’s about time you go see your family back home after two-plus years or go on that short vacation nearby. Travelling during holidays is always an exciting moment, especially when visiting a new country. However, travelling anywhere comes with risks, from cancelled flights to natural disasters or medical emergencies. These situations in a foreign country can be terrifying and costly. Hospitals may be expensive, or airlines may not refund you for cancelled flights.

For example, many families and individuals fly back to the UK during winter or have stopovers. Passengers are always excited to fly, making it devastating when snowstorms cancel a flight.  In 2019,  the excess amount of snow recently cancelled 100s of flights. In a situation like this, passengers may be only refunded a portion of their payment, especially connecting flights. It was an awful situation, and families felt a sense of being lost and hopeless.

Travel insurance can solve all this. Travel insurance is a policy that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while travelling. These losses can be minor, like a lost suitcase, or significant, like last-minute cancellations or overseas medical emergencies. Insurance companies will also provide the policyholder with expert connections and advice to help battle such problems.

How Can These Insurances Save Your Holidays?

The feeling of knowing you are protected is amazing itself. These insurances are the perfect fit for holidays and allow you to focus on enjoying the festive season than worrying about uncontrollable situations. We all know however fun the holidays are, there is always something that goes wrong, and in some cases, they turn into a horrible situation.

Each insurance has its unique benefits, and the main benefit they share is: they will financially cover your losses. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about refunds, repairs or replacements. In addition, the insurances give the policyholder a chance to move on from the situation and focus on the colourful festive celebration.

It is time to get in the spirit of the season and share the magic of the holidays. So plan ahead with insurance, push away the stress and enjoy the holidays.


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