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School summer holidays are just a week away! Two months of holiday for children for fun and freedom. Parents now face the challenge of planning activities and trips and ensuring their kids are busy (for mental sanity). A family holiday is one of the best activities that benefits the kids and parents.

Parents typically cash out their annual leave days for a great work-free summer vacation to spend time with their family. Most families plan their holiday months in advance to get the best deals and have something to look forward to when working hard.

However, travelling with kids, especially young kids, isn’t easy at all. Travelling with the family is amazing, but it can also be expensive, stressful and affected by travel risks. These risks can ruin the holiday and waste all that time, energy and funds invested in planning. 

Hold on; you don’t need to fear or stress about these uncontrollable risks – don’t cancel your trip! 

Thankfully, there is an excellent solution to these risks to reduce the impact and potentially put the holiday back on track. The best solution is travel insurance, specifically family travel insurance

The article will explain why families need family travel insurance every holiday and how it can help deal with travel risks.

What Is Family Travel Insurance?

Family travel insurance is a group travel insurance that financially protects families from loss due to travel risks. Common travel risks include delayed or lost suitcases, cancellations, overseas medical emergencies, and shocking liability accidents.

The family travel policy typically covers 1-2 adults and up to 5 children. However, every policy differs and can be customised for different family sizes.

Travel insurance can be the perfect safety net when travelling. As travelling risks can lead to thousands in loss and unwanted stress for just one person, now imagine that times 3-4. There are many reasons to purchase the insurance, even if it is the shortest family trip.

The reason below will persuade you to contact us and purchase your family travel insurance now.

Reasons To Purchase Family Travel Insurance

Holiday Cancellations

No one wants to cancel a holiday they have been looking forward to for months, but unfortunately, sometimes, it has to be done. There are several sudden emergencies that can cause a parent to cancel the trip.

These reasons can include family emergencies (death in the family), medical reasons, financial reasons, unsafe conditions (natural disasters) or even work-related reasons. 

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For example, many families cancelled their 2018 summer trip to Japan due to the saddening earthquake that hit a few days before the summer holidays. Parents have to make the decisions for the safety of their family. 

When a trip is cancelled, many airlines, hotels, and bookings will not refund all or none of the costs, which can add up to a large amount. Fortunately, family travel insurance will cover these non-refundable costs to help the family recover.

The cancellation coverage can help parents use the costs saved to replan their holiday and avoid disappointing their children.

Sudden Illness on Holiday

Parents worry when their children fall sick, but at least they can go to their family doctor and are covered by medical insurance. However, parents may be exponentially stressed when children fall ill or hurt themself during a family holiday abroad.

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During a family holiday, any family member can fall ill or injured and need urgent medical care. Young children may be more vulnerable to illness or injuries due to their immune systems and adventurous nature. When these incidents occur in a new country, parents may not know which medical facility is the safest or even where they are. 

For example, your child suddenly falls ill after a meal and may have food poisoning. The child must be rushed to a hospital for proper treatment and medicines in these cases.

Families that have purchased family travel insurance may not need to stress as much. Most travel insurance providers have a 24/7 hotline. The parent can call the hotline to find the nearest and best hospital and get a response instantly. 

The insurance will also cover the medical costs during the travel for all members. However, the insurance may not cover injuries due to adventure sports or high-risk activities.

Lost Baggage or Documents

When travelling with family, there is more luggage and more documents. Unfortunately, the more stuff to handle, the higher the chance of loss or damage. The loss could be due to the airline or accidently dropping and forgetting something.

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Losing baggage and important documents can seriously disturb the trip. The lost documents could include passports, identity cards or even credit cards. The missing bag may contain essential, expensive things for kids or the trip.

Even if the baggage is returned in a few days, buying clothes for the family for those days can result in thousands of dollars.

Handling kids, bags, and documents can be hectic, which makes it easy to lose things or avoid theft. For example, a parent may be busy ensuring their child eats and behaves and won’t notice a by passer quickly stealing their credit card and wallet

Family travel insurance can provide temporary documents and will cover the costs of replacing essential documents and bags and provide funds for days without bags. The insurance can help save thousands of dollars regardless of fault or negligence. Family travel insurance can save the trip from being a disaster.

Children May Receive Free Coverage

A large portion of household sizes in Asia range from 3-4 members, including two adults. In most countries, Children are typically defined as any person legally dependent on their parents until the age of 18.

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In the insurance industry, most policies have to be purchased individually; regardless of age, each person needs their own insurance. However, family travel insurance is unique and well-designed for families.

When the parents purchase family travel insurance, the policy may cover the children between 30 months to 18 years for free. The premium may be the insurance cost for two adults and still provide a considerable coverage. Though, the insurance will only cover the children if they are travelling with at least one of the parents/guardians. The coverage may differ for each insurance provider, and some providers may charge a small fee per child.

Save Money Even Before Travel Incidents

Clearly, the family travel insurance will cover many possible risks but benefits policyholders even before the family trip. Family travel insurance can save families money through the type of group insurance it is.

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Families who travel often can purchase annual travel insurance covering all family holidays throughout the year, even if one member (adult) is missing. Purchasing the insurance can be the cheaper choice over several individual travel insurance policies.

Families opting for annual travel insurance may get discounts and coverage benefits. The insurance saves costs in many ways from when the policy is bought. Policyholders should ensure they understand the policy limit and detailed coverage.

When To Buy Family Travel Insurance?

For family travel insurance to provide adequate benefits, it should be bought before the family trip. This doesn’t mean it has to be bought months beforehand; families can purchase the insurance even weeks before the holiday.

When families have travel insurance that best fits them, it can provide many advantages when things go wrong. The benefits include financial protection, peace of mind and even the amazing 24/7 hotline. Policyholders must ensure they understand their policy, claim process and contact details.

Family travel insurance can help you and your family best protect the trip and deal with devastating travel risks.



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