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Hong Kong is known for various factors, from shopping to modern architecture. One of the key factors that makes Hong Kong stand out in Asia is the business factor. The territory is among the top three best places to start a business in the world. Countless businesses succeed in Hong Kong due to the business-friendly environment.

The city consists of a diverse range of industries that provide services or products. Starting or running a business in Hong Kong has many benefits that attract businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. Therefore, no matter what industry a company falls under, it has a place in Hong Kong.

However, certain industries thrive more than others due to their high demand and their potential to strengthen the Hong Kong economy. If a business operates within one of these top thriving industries, it may be easier to attract the attention it needs with a well-crafted business plan.

So, what are these industries, and does your business operate in any of these industries in Hong Kong?

Additionally, the article will discuss how businesses involved in these industries can effectively protect themselves from industry risks.

Top Five Leading Industries in Hong Kong

Finance Service Industry

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One of the leading industries in Hong Kong is the finance industry. Hong Kong is known as the global financial hub, providing a range of financial services in the city and globally. The financial sector contributes 23.4% of the city’s GDP and 7.5% of total employment.

The financial industry in Hong Kong includes banking, insurance, asset management, and any other company that provides financial advice/services. The industry is constantly growing, and Hong Kong is the only overseas financial centre with access to the mainland Chinese market

Hence, running a finance company in Hong Kong provides a competitive edge over other finance companies worldwide. However, with the benefits, there are risks, and finance companies must have adequate insurance.

Finance companies need a range of insurance to protect their company and its liability. The main finance company insurance includes professional indemnity, director and officer, public liability, and cyber insurance. These policies can financially assist the companies in dealing with possible risks, including liability claims.

Tourism Industry

Tourism is among the industries in Hong Kong that plays a large part in the economy and gets significant attention. The tourism industry includes hotels, airlines, restaurants, shopping malls, tour companies and more.

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It is one of the industries that took the biggest hits during the pandemic. Fortunately, in 2023, the hotel room occupancy rate picked up to 78% and is predicted to keep increasing in 2024. The Hong Kong Tourism Board and the government are constantly working on hosting new Hong Kong events and creating strategies to attract visitors.

Any business involved in the industry must put in effort to attract visitors to their business and compete with the growing industry. Tourism and hospitality companies must also understand their business risks and purchase the right insurance solution. 

The insurance for the tourism industry includes public liability, property all-risk, business interruption and cyber insurance. Proper insurance policies can help a tourism company deal with uncontrollable situations involving customer injuries, property damage or cyber-attacks.

Trading & Logistics Industry

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Due to the multicultural demographic and strategic location, Hong Kong is successfully connected to most of the world, including mainland China. The trading and logistics industry are companies that help the movement of products in and out of Hong Kong in the most effective way.

The trading and logistics industry includes importers, exporters, wholesalers, freight forwarders, storage services, and courier services. This industry contributes 21% of Hong Kong’s GDP and 19% of its employment. It is a crucial factor in the growth of Hong Kong, making the location accessible worldwide.

Trading and logistics companies in Hong Kong play a crucial role for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. However, it is essential for these companies to have insurance policies to protect them. Trade and Logistics company policies include trade credit, cargo, and freight forwarder insurance.

A lot can go wrong while transporting and trading products/materials, making insurance essential to deal with these risks.

Construction Industry 

The Hong Kong skyline is iconic, with the bright forest of skyscrapers along the harbour. The city is full of magnificent buildings, bridges, and various commercial structures, all possible due to the construction industry.

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The construction industry mainly comprises real estate, architecture, engineering, contractor and construction management companies. It is one of the most visually recognisable industries in Hong Kong. The size of the Hong Kong construction market was $31.5 billion in 2023. Experts predict the industry will achieve an average annual growth rate of more than 2% during 2025-2028.

The growth will occur due to the government’s investment in the industry to help develop energy, industrial, residential, tourism, and commercial structures. Being involved in the growing industry can bring success to a company, as long as they have suitable insurance.

The main insurance for the construction industry in Hong Kong are professional indemnity, property all-risk, business interruption, machine breakdown and environmental insurance. These insurances help companies handle liability claims and damage delays and focus on successfully executing their projects.

Technology Industry 

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One can never forget the technology industry when discussing leading industries in Hong Kong. The information communication technology industry represented 6.4% of Hong Kong’s GDP as of 2023.

The technology industry includes fintech, telecommunications, biotech, e-commerce companies and any firm that uses technology to create products or services. The government greatly supports technology firms focusing on developing the city and benefiting the public. For instance, the government has allocated $6 billion to universities to set up life and health technology research institutes.

Various government fund schemes are helping the industry expand its business and develop innovative products. Technology companies must have appropriate insurance protection to stand out and successfully operate in Hong Kong.

The insurance for technology firms includes professional indemnity, cyber, property all-risk, and crime insurance. These policies will help with liability claims, cyber-attacks, property damage, and computer fraud.

Why Leading Industries in Hong Kong Need Insurance

Operating in any of the leading industries in Hong Kong comes with business risks. These business lawsuits can include liability lawsuits, property damage, injuries, cyber-attacks and many more.

Each industry has unique business risks that industry-related insurance policies can help cover. In addition, every company in Hong Kong must legally have employee compensation insurance. Each policy covers a specific risk in the most professional and effective way.

When a business has a suitable combination of insurance, it gets the highest chance of financial coverage when hit by an unpredictable risk. The policies allow companies to recover and move on with the least financial damage. 

Insurance also allows companies to focus on their business activities rather than the chance of risks occurring. Therefore, each policy benefits the policyholders as soon as it is bought.

Companies in these major industries in Hong Kong are crucial for the city and should be protected with the right policies to ensure successful growth.



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