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Hong Kong is considered one of the top cities to start and run a business. It is a highly developed Asian territory known for its vast opportunities and strategic location.

Hong Kong is constantly growing and adapting to support the development of its economy, which directly benefits companies operating in the country. Despite facing a few challenging years, it remains an attractive destination for professionals and businesses.

Every country has its own set of benefits and challenges when doing business, and Hong Kong is no exception. As a business owner in Hong Kong, it is important to be aware of the Hong Kong business risks that can impact your company. These risks are relevant while running or starting a business in this rapidly growing city. 

Some risks are common in most Asian countries, while others are specific to Hong Kong. These risks include economic, political, environmental, employee, or cyber risks.

Companies can manage every business risk with the right insurance policy and risk management strategy. In this article, we will explain the essential insurance policies and the specific risks they cover for Hong Kong businesses.

Insurance To Cover Hong Kong Business Risks

Liabilities Insurances

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Financial services, tourism, trading & logistics and technology are the leading industries in Hong Kong. Every industry in Hong Kong plays a big part in economic growth and in creating employment opportunities. 

However, when working in Hong Kong, there is a certain level of liability towards clients, customers, investors and local laws & regulations. It is a business risk that companies operating in Hong Kong need to be aware of.

Various liability troubles can occur due to negligence, breach of duty, third-party injuries or property damage. Clients, investors, customers, and the Hong Kong government can sue a company if the business does not perform as promised or communicated.

Hong Kong businesses need various liability insurance policies to cover liability risks. The four main types of liability insurance are professional indemnitydirector & officerproduct liability and public liability insurance

Each policy covers unique liability claims, and each industry may require a different combination of these policies to protect itself entirely.

Trade Credit Insurance 

Import and export activities play a huge part in Hong Kong’s economy. In 2022, Hong Kong exported goods worth $4,531 billion and imported goods worth $4,927 billion. The ratio of exports to GDP was 1.6, and imports to GDP was 1.7. The figures prove the city is ideal for operating a product, manufacturing, trading and logistics company.

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The country is connected and trusted by various countries worldwide– allowing Hong Kong companies to work with international firms or suppliers. The trading and logistics opportunity is excellent for most businesses but comes with risks.

The risks include clients being unable to pay for the product/service due to financial or political issues. For instance, due to political differences, many US companies were forced to cut ties with Hong Kong companies

Trade credit insurance is the ideal solution for dealing with trade risks in Hong Kong. The insurance will reimburse a portion of the non-payment or delayed payment due to bankruptcy, insolvency or political reasons. 

Trade credit non-payment can be a serious Hong Kong business risk, affecting the company’s future and operations. However, insurance will reduce the financial loss and recover effectively.

Cyber Insurance

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Cybercrime should be a high concern for any Hong Kong business with the surge of attacks and scams. A survey by the Hong Kong Productivity Council discovered that 73% of Hong Kong businesses were hit by cyberattacks in 2023. It is among the worst Hong Kong business risks that could ruin any company.

Cybercriminals are always keen to steal from companies with large amounts of international data and financial information. Many forms of cyber-attacks have become more innovative with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

For example, A Hong Kong-based company lost $25.6 million in a deepfake technology scam. The criminal tricked the company’s employees by creating a digitally manipulated version of their CFO, who then ordered money transfers during a video conference call.

Every Hong Kong company in any industry can be a cyber-attack victim. Therefore, cyber insurance is crucial for operating in Hong Kong. The insurance will cover cyber experts’ advice, threat removal, data recovery, third-party communication, ransom costs and financial loss. 

Cyber insurance is a must to deal with cyber-attacks; however, the policy will only cover Hong Kong companies with proper cybersecurity.

Property All-Risk Insurance

In recent years, the weather in Hong Kong has become more and more unpredictable and dangerous. Every year, the typhoons get strong and leave a trail of damage. In fact, weather experts in Hong Kong predict that the number and strength of typhoons will increase in the coming years.

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The more Hong Kong typhoons, the higher the chance of property damage to business premises, products, fixtures, etc. In addition, Hong Kong fires have been on the rise in the past few years. The fire could occur anywhere and affect neighbours and the entire building.

Companies in Hong Kong must have proper protection to help deal with Hong Kong business risks and the hefty repair costs that follow. The repair costs and interruption can significantly affect a business and its future. 

Property all-risk insurance is a must to help deal with the costs related to property damage. The insurance will cover the costs of repair and loss associated with the unpredictable property damage. Businesses can also benefit from business interruption insurance, which covers income loss while the company is being repaired.

Therefore,  a combination of both insurance is vital to recovering from uncreditable Hong Kong property damage.

Employee Compensation Insurance 

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A recent survey found that 73% of organisations in Hong Kong experienced high levels of competition and difficulty while hiring in 2023. Even in 2024, hiring doesn’t seem to get easier, and finding the perfect talent for a role is getting hard.

The talent shortage is a Hong Kong business risk that every company must be aware of. In addition, every company must put an appropriate amount of effort into retaining their important employees. In many cases, this may be difficult due to budgets and employee needs.

However, the least a company can do is protect its employees at the workplace and provide a proper benefit package. The benefit package can include medical insurance and adequate employee compensation protection.

Hong Kong companies are legally required to obtain employee compensation insurance to cover employees in case of workplace injuries. The mandatory employee insurance covers the cost of medical bills, salary (while recovering) and possible compensation costs.

High-quality employee compensation insurance helps both Hong Kong employers and employees when faced with a work injury accident

Benefits of Insurance When Dealing with Hong Kong Business Risks

Hong Kong business risks could occur to any company in the busy city; hence, every company should have the proper protection. Without suitable insurance protection, a company may be unable to deal with the risks, costs and damage.

The insurance mentioned in this article provides essential benefits for businesses to succeed and grow in Hong Kong. One of the benefits is the financial protection against various risks. If a company faces a severe risk, it does not have to worry about the costs involved and can focus on recovering without financial burden.

Another benefit is the reputation increase. Clients and investors are more likely to work with a company that is expertly protected and has a risk management strategy. The trust in the company will help build more relationships with other businesses, leading to further growth. 

Finally, it provides Hong Kong businesses with peace of mind. In case anything goes wrong, they have the right policies to battle and deal with the risks without worrying about the possibility of risks at every point in their activities.

Hong Kong business risks can occur to any company operating in the city, and insurance is a must to be prepared and move past unpredictable risks.



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