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Hairdressers, beauticians, and hairstylists are magicians that turn messy, embarrassing hair into something extraordinary. The everyday hairdresser duties include hair cutting, colouring, styling, treatments and more. 

Although, we have all had those horrible experiences where the outcome wasn’t what we expected. Our expectations and low satisfactions are one of the many hairdressers’ risks. They never mean to mess up your hair, but they are only human. Hairdresser errors can result in more than just angry customers. Their risk can include lawsuits, client accidents, equipment damage, property damage etc.

Like any other business, they need to be protected against these risks and have a contingency plan when things do go wrong. Therefore, hairdressers and salons should buy hairdresser insurance to gain the best protection and coverage. The article will explain why hairdresser insurance is critical in the beauty industry.

What Is Hairdresser Insurance?

When a hairdresser is responsible for a client’s style, they should understand the risks and outcomes. Hairdresser insurance is a specific solution created for hairdressers and beauty/styling businesses.

The insurance includes various policies that provide different cover for possible hairstylist risks. The hairdresser insurance consists of professional indemnity, public liability, and property all-risk. In addition, insurers can customise the insurance for different freelancers or salon businesses.

What does Hairdresser Insurance Include?

Professional Indemnity 

When the client sits on that chair, the hairdresser is liable for their safety and style. Unfortunately, many risks can harm the client. These risks include chemical products, burnt hair, and accidently cutting the client. It is the hairdresser’s duty to use non-toxic products and be on alert every second. These risks are why “Edward Scissorhands” didn’t have many human clients. One slip of the hand or wrong use of a product can be costly and may bring in lawsuits.

Hair Cutting Negligence - hong kong hairdresser

For example, a hairdresser was sued for her negligence for HK$400,000. The hair treatment included covering the client’s head with foil and sitting under the dryer. As a result, the client felt a burning sensation on her scalp and informed the hairdresser. The hairdresser then said to the client, ‘No, leave it; it is not the scalp; it should be fine’. As a result of the hairdresser’s negligence, the client suffered a severe burn on her scalp and required medical treatment.

It is easy to think that you don’t need insurance if trained and careful. Although, serious mistakes are unpredictable and can ruin the business. Hairdresser insurance, fortunately, includes professional indemnity (PI) insurance. PI insurance will financially cover lawsuits due to negligence and errors. In addition, the insurance will cover the legal, medical and compensation costs for induvial hairdressers or businesses. 

Public Liability

When you own a hair salon or work at any beauty premises, many people come in and out. Each time a person enters your business premises, you are liable for their safety until they leave; this includes people walking to the chair, waiting, and even walking out. A minor accident during this time can lead to an expensive lawsuit and brand damage.

Public Liability Insurance

Believe it or not, the salon is full of risky factors that can lead to public liability claims. The floor is continuously covered in hair. All that washing and conditioning, customers with wet hair moving around, can lead to puddles and damp floors. It is an easy environment to be a victim of slip-and-fall claims. The business owner will be liable to pay for compensation and medical costs.

With hairdresser insurance, salons don’t need to panic when they see someone fall. The insurance solution includes public liability insurance. Public liability insurance covers any claims made against the business by a third party who feels that the business premises or activity caused them to be injured or property damage. Although, a salon needs to do its part by being clean and cautious.

Property All-Risk 

Styling and cutting hair requires more than just skills- hairdressers and salons need high-quality equipment and well-placed premises. There is always a risk of disastrous incidents that could burn down or flood the saloon. A spark from a faulty trimmer or overflowing washing sink. There are many more ways equipment can be damaged or completely ruined. The equipment and property can be costly and negatively affect the business if lost or damaged.

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For example, a fire broke out in 2021 at a popular hair salon, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. The firefighters believed that a short circuit caused the fire. The owner had to pay a hefty amount to repair and replace, especially if renting the space and equipment. An incident like this can ruin the business’s future, as they may not be able to afford the costs.

Hairdresser insurance includes property all-risk insurance. The policy covers the business premises, equipment, and other registered assets against unpredicted events. It will provide the cost of repair or replacement- post-incident. Additionally, salons can buy business interruption insurance to cover financial loss due to a sudden business pause.

Who Needs Hairdresser Insurance?

Whether you run a hair salon, barbershop, beauty parlour or nail salon – you can pick and choose exactly what insurance features you need for your business. The hairdresser insurance solution can include added insurance such as employee compensation (mandatory by law) and business interruption insurance. The solution will provide the best coverage for the business and all the employees involved.

Additionally, when salons hire part-time or freelancers in their business, each employee must be registered under the company for the insurance to cover them from all hairdresser risks.

Therefore, the insurance should be purchased by beauticians, hairstylists, hairdressers, barbers, make-up artists and more. If you or your business use equipment to change your client’s appearance, this is the right insurance.

Impact of Hairdresser Insurance

Hairdressing may not seem like a risky business, but you are only a scissor slip away from a claim. Hairdresser insurance can provide the policyholder with many benefits when something goes wrong. 

One of the main advantages is the financial cover; each risk can cost a salon business significantly. However, hairdresser insurance will cover the financial loss when faced with the above risks. In addition, the money saved can help the business move past the problem and focus on getting better.

The combination of insurances will protect you when clients sue you or the business and ask for compensation. The liability cover is crucial for the company and employees involved in the industry. However! This doesn’t mean the insurance gives you the licence to hurt rude clients.

Finally, the hairdresser insurance solution provides peace of mind when working. Styling is a creative job and requires taking risks to achieve something new; this is impossible if they are stressing every snip. The insurance allows hairdressers to do what they need to without any worries. So, make sure you and your business are insured and continue the magic.


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