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The countdown to Christmas has begun, and it’s so close. It’s the best time to curl up under a blanket, sip on hot chocolates and turn on Christmas movies. It is one of the best Christmas traditions during December. Christmas movies are one of the very few styles of films that one doesn’t mind re-watching every year, even though you know what is coming up. They bring a sense of calmness, comfort and joy. But, most importantly, they get us in the best Christmas mood and ready for the festive holidays.

We all have different movie tastes, but let’s be honest, almost everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Even the Grinch got in the Christmas spirit at the end. Digital streaming platforms have made it even easier to watch Christmas movies, especially with the launch of Disney+ last month. Most Christmas movies bring us joy, but there are some classics that December would be incomplete without watching at least once. Movies like Home Alone, Elf, The Holiday, Mary Poppin, Santa Claus and many more. These movies may be old, but they are worldwide classics and spread the Christmas spirit each year.

Why We Love Christmas Movies?

Have you ever wondered why do we all love Christmas movies?. It is interesting to know these movies have a lovely touch in December. Hence, watching a Christmas movie in July just doesn’t feel the same. As December reminds us the holidays are near, the weather starts to change, and Christmas movies add to this. They provide a sense of comfort,  perfect for watching with family, bring us winter nostalgia, and are excellent with winter snacks/drinks.

Although, have you ever wondered if Christmas movies were all real, would they be as safe from the real world? We believe that many of them would benefit from insurances that would keep their property, themself or business safer. This article will dive into the magical world of Christmas movies and match the insurance that would benefit them in the real world.

The Perfect Insurance For Each Christmas Movie

 Home Alone

Home AloneHome Alone is one of the most famous and classic Christmas movies (Only the first two). The movie focuses on Kevin McCallister, a kid who wants to be far away from his huge family. His wish comes true, and he is left home alone by accident, every kid’s dream. Things are all fun and games at the start, with some iconic scenes. Then two thief’s notice that the home has no adults and would be an easy robbery. Oh, were they wrong! Kevin’s not just any average kid and uses some fantastic techniques to protect his house and belongings. The movies make us laugh and brings that wonderful joy of Christmas.

However, the poor house is trashed to bring joy to us and pain to those thieves. The house has damaged flooring, dented walls, fire marks and much more. Professionals calculated the damages; the total cost would be USD 11,460 (HKD 89,370) in 2019. In 2021 would cost even more to repair and replace.

Luckily Mr McCallister is rich!-although he would not have to pay for any of these costs if he had home insurance. Home insurance offers coverage to a home and the physical contents damaged by unpredictable events. These unexpected events include fires, theft, natural disasters and more.  So even if Kevin let the ‘wet bandits’ rob the house, home insurance would have paid for their loss. Thankfully home insurance would pay for the damages caused to the home during the epic battle. Home insurance would have been the real Christmas miracle the McCallister family needed.


Elf is another classic that allows the audience to turn their brains off and enjoy. The movie focuses on Buddy, a human bought up by Santa’s elves. He truly believes he is an elf himself and contributes to elf duties for Santa. He makes toys and is in love with everything sweet and Christmassy. When he finds out who his real dad is, he leaves the North Pole to New York to meet his real human family. Over the movie, he spread the joy of Christmas in the movie and to the audience. A film like Elf makes you wish that Santa was real and a bit ill when you see his maple syrup spaghetti.

Elf MovieAs Buddy is a human, not actually an elf, he sadly didn’t possess the magical toy-making skills. Buddy has only made 85 toys in one of the scenes, while his elf colleagues have made more than 1000 each. He could have possibly even made toys that accidently harmed kids or just did not meet the original intention. The toy factory could be sued in the real world and would need to pay a hefty bill to recall and fix the toy products.

The toy-making factory could benefit from product liability insurance. Product liability insurance covers most claims linked to product defects. If a company manufactures or sells a product that has a defect and causes injury or property damage, the business could be held liable. North Pole factory would also need to purchase product recall insurance extension to cover the costs of recalling products. If Santa couldn’t fire Buddy, he might as well have been insured in case Buddy’s mistake costs him millions.

The Holiday

The holiday-Christmas MovieThe Holiday is a perfect relatable feel-good Christmas movie. The movie still makes sense and makes us envy the characters. The film shares the focus between two female characters who want a change in environment after a tough year (don’t we all). Iris from UK and Amanda from America find each other’s house on a home exchange platform online. They make a deal and travel across the world to switch life for Christmas. The movie shows how the change in environment can bring many surprises and take us along their love journey.

Thankfully during the movie, nothing drastic happens during their holidays. Although it is possible in real life, such as when Amanda is driving the car in the snow, it almost causes many accidents. Additionally, she nearly slipped in the snow many times too. These accidents in a new country can be scary and costly to the characters or anyone.

Holidays risks are why we are sure Amanda and Iris had travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover them from certain financial risks and losses while travelling. Risks would include a lost suitcase, last-minute cancellations or overseas medical emergencies. The insurance is a wise purchase before any trip and is perfect for such a holiday adventure.

Santa Clause 

Santa ClauseSanta Claus is another comedy Christmas movie that explains the duty of Santa. The movie starts with Santa getting injured due to the main character Scott Calvin. The job then goes to Scott. Who knows nothing about being Santa and did not even believe Santa 10 minutes before the job handover. However, he suddenly changes into Santa with a tummy, white beard, and the classic Santa laugh. He eventually begins to get the hang of the job and loves the joy of delivering gifts with his hot chocolate. The film made us want to be Santa for a few days and visit the North Pole.

Although, during Christmas Eve, the police arrest Scott for ‘kidnapping’ his son to the North Pole accidently. The elves rescue him from jail to save Christmas. Eventually, Scott convinces his ex-wife he is Santa and in Disney style-all is ok. In real life, a situation like this would not have been taken this easy and resulted in the family suing  Scott for negligence.

The lawsuit would have cost Santa (Scott) a significant amount to explain: he did not know that the elf had transported Charlie to the North Pole. For these reasons, professional indemnity insurance is a perfect fit when working as Santa Claus. In addition, professional indemnity insurance provides coverage for professionals and businesses to protect against negligence claims from clients or customers. Finally, as it’s a new job, he might miss a gift or two; it’s better to be prepared for the worst with PI insurance.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is truly a magical movie, it may not be set during Christmas time, but it’s become a Christmas classic over time. It is a movie about a magical nanny hired by the Banks family to take care of the kids. The nanny teaches the kids essential lessons through magical adventures. Whoever has seen this movie knows their adventures are wild and unexplainable. It is one of those perfect movies to watch with family, forget the outside world, and dive into the magic world.

Marry PoppinsDuring these many adventures, it is possible for Mary Poppins, the nanny, to be injured while performing magic. Especially the way she travels with her magical umbrella, a bit of heavy wind could change her course and harm her. Mr Banks would be liable for paying for her medical bills and still pay her salary as she recovers.

Sadly, Mary Poppins isn’t real, but Mr Banks would need domestic helper insurance if she were. The domestic helper insurance provides the helper with the accidental and medical protection they need. This insurance helps protect the domestic helper (nanny) and the employer from unforeseen accidents. We doubt Mary Poppins would get injured with her magic, but legally Mr Banks will still need to purchase the insurance just in case.

How Can Insurance Help Anyone?

 As you can tell, there are always insurances that can help anyone or any business. Insurance is a purchase that can cover an extensive range of risks. Whether it’s personal or business insurance, everyone needs insurance: even fantasy characters.

We hope you have started your Christmas movies marathon and enjoying the joy they bring to this month. Next time you put on a Christmas movie, maybe you will analyse what insurance would fit your favourite characters. It’s time to sip on those warm drinks, heat those snacks and switch on a Christmas movie and countdown to a fantastic Christmas.

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