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Many families consist of both partners working, which makes it challenging to balance work, life and family. Domestic helpers are vital to Hong Kong; many families could not live in the city without their helper(s).

In fact, over 390,000 domestic helpers in Hong Kong help their employers with their busy lifestyles. Domestic helpers are responsible for various tasks regarding the home and family. 

Hiring a domestic helper can improve an employer’s busy life and reduce stress. However, many find this decision tough and question the benefits of bringing a stranger into their home.

Hence, this article will highlight the top benefits of hiring domestic helpers in Hong Kong. By the end of the article, you may want to hire a helper; however, ensure she is insured when you do.

Benefits Of Hiring Domestic Helpers

Reliable Family Care 

Every family is different, consisting of members of different ages. A typical family in Hong Kong consists of two parents, kids and possibly a senior member(s). With both parents working, it can be challenging to manage and care for the kids and elder members.

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Another benefit of hiring domestic helpers in Hong Kong is the experience helpers have with kids and elders. Domestic helpers can supervise and look after kids, including babies and older toddlers.

However, when hiring domestic helpers to care for older adults, employers must check the helper’s experience and ensure they agree to their duties. Sometimes, a professional caretaker (nurse) may be a better option than a domestic helper for seriously diseased older adults.

A domestic helper can provide peace of mind when you are at work, as you know your family is taken care of.

More Free Time

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Working long hours in Hong Kong and caring for a family can take up a lot of time and leave almost no free time. A busy schedule can be harmful mentally and lead to burnout very quickly. Having some free time in the day is important to relax and spend quality time with family.

One of the best benefits of hiring domestic helpers is the freed-up time. Helpers can help with the home duties and kids care, so when employers return, they do not need to. Helpers will ensure dinner is ready, the kids have started their homework, and the house is clean.

The free time can be great for your mental health and improve relations in the family. It can make living and working in Hong Kong with a family more manageable and enjoyable.

Consistently Clean Home 

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Mental health experts link the home to mental health; hence, a clean home helps improve mental well-being and focus. With a busy schedule, many of us clean less often and keep procrastinating, which eventually affects our mental health and could even result in illness.

A benefit of hiring domestic helpers is that your home will always be clean and tidy, even those dusty corners we tend to avoid. House cleaning can be one of their daily jobs that has a bigger effect on employers than we know.

A clean home is always great to return to after a stressful day. A tidy, clean home also prevents a family from falling ill or even clutter injuries. Hiring domestic helpers and instructing them to clean daily may be the best start to a healthy environment.

Reasonably Affordable

Many families worry about the costs associated with hiring a domestic helper. Hong Kong is already an expensive city to live in and raise children. The employer is liable to pay their salary, food allowance and provide one ticket home annually.


Fortunately for employers, hiring a helper is very affordable in Hong Kong. The legal minimum pay an employer must provide a helper is HKD 4,870. However, employers should pay more depending on their duties.

In addition, the cost of hiring is worth it for the work they perform. As typically helpers work six days a week and live at the employer’s home. Over the long term, it can be cheaper and more efficient than paying hourly local agency services.

However, employers can provide bonuses and benefits to motivate and satisfy the helper.

Long Term Benefits 

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Over time, the family and domestic helper build strong relationships. The strong bond is an important benefit of hiring domestic helpers. The domestic helper understands each family more and their needs, schedules and plans their work to benefit everyone.

When the helper has gained a high level of trust, employers can leave the helper at home with the kids and go on a short holiday. Communication becomes easier, and employers do not need to constantly instruct or direct the helper.

Over time, having a domestic helper in Hong Kong helps during tough and good times. They eventually become a part of the family, and the house cannot run without them.

Why Every Employer Needs to Purchase Domestic Helper Insurance

In Hong Kong, employers are legally required to purchase domestic helper insurance when hiring domestic helpers. The mandatory insurance is a vital insurance to protect the helper and the employer.

Domestic helper insurance financially covers costs related to accidental and medical situations (hospital & clinic) that occur while on contract. Therefore, when a helper is injured or ill due to their duty or while on contract, the insurance will cover the medical treatment.

The insurance also provides helper replacement coverage for employers if the helper is forced to end their contract early. The coverage helps the costs of finding a new helper as soon as possible.

The medical and accidental coverage limit depends on the specific policy. High-quality insurance provides better coverage than any basic mandatory insurance. Some insurance may also cover the loss of valuables due to helper theft (fidelity protection).

There are many benefits of hiring domestic helpers in Hong Kong, but ensure the best domestic helper insurance protects them and yourself. 



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