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Hong Kong apartments are a vital part of the city to accommodate the large population. The taller the building, the more apartments and residents there are. 

Hong Kong is known worldwide to be safe and well-developed, but that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t exist. In the first half of 2023, there have already been 572 Hong Kong apartment burglaries, 191 more than in the first half of 2022.

Any apartment lacking building or resident security can be a victim of break-ins and home theft. Even the safest neighbourhood has at least a few apartment break-ins, especially when no one is home. Hence, every Hong Kong resident needs to have appropriate home security to prevent break-ins.

10 Steps to Prevent Hong Kong Apartment Break-Ins

1. Analyse Apartment Building Security

Each building is meant to have some level of building security. However, if you have lived in Hong Kong for a while, you will know that not all building security is safe. Some buildings have poor security with sleeping guards, broken CCTV cameras and free-to-enter main doors.

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The first step in preventing break-ins in your Hong Kong apartment is to analyse your building’s security and understand if it is safe enough. The step might stop you from moving into an unsafe building or moving out from one. 

Secure and modern buildings may cost a bit more, but knowing the security is high makes it all worth it. A building with cameras, door codes and guest registry can help avoid a huge chance of break-ins and burglaries. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything on your part.

2. Examine Doors and Windows

If a burglar makes it through the building security, they will enter your apartment through the door or window. Many of us believe window break-ins are impossible in Hong Kong, but there have been cases of criminals climbing pipes or climbing down from the roof to get into open windows.

Therefore, to protect your apartment whether you are home or not – you must examine the main door and window. Your door lock may be easy to break, or your window may not completely close. Either way, a criminal may find a way to get in and steal all your valuables

If your door or window is not secure enough, it’s time to take action and ensure it can be locked and closed effectively.

3. Invest In Home Security Cameras

Most buildings have cameras in every corner of the public area (lobby & lift) but lack cameras on each floor. Thus, no one will know if a criminal tries to break into an empty home until it is too late.

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This is why Hong Kong apartment residents must install security cameras on their front doors. The camera can record activity at the door, scare criminals or even be used as proof (for the police).

The camera does not have to be complicated technology; the market has many small cameras that anyone can install in the peephole and run on batteries. Additionally, many home security cameras provide live footage you can observe when you are not at home.

4. Consider Smart Security Technology 

Innovative technology has been integrated into most fields, including home security. Home security smart technology can include fingerprint locks, motion detection lights, break-in alarms and, as mentioned, cameras.

Having smart security technology can alert you and the authorities when there has been a break-in or even an attempt. Users can connect the technology to their phones and even allow voice commands.

The features can be extremely useful in preventing break-ins in Hong Kong apartments and also observe delivery activities. You never know when a delivery can switch into a burglary due to a lack of security. 

5. Get To Know Your Neighbours

Talking to neighbours may not be as common in a busy city like Hong Kong, but it can be helpful. Getting to know neighbours can help you understand whether you can trust them. When neighbours can be trusted after a few months, you can exchange spare keys or tell them to keep an eye out for your home while you are away.

This step should be taken with precaution as not everyone is friendly, and some neighbours will not appreciate it. 

6. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

There are many occasions when break-ins occur, even when residents are inside. Some people do not lock their doors or windows when they are home. Burglars can always break in while you are asleep in your room and rob everything outside.

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It is vital to lock windows and doors, to prevent the chance of Hong Kong apartment break-in at night. The only time doors should be open is when leaving or entering the apartment to be as secure as possible.

7. Store Valuables Safely

No matter how safe you think your home or neighbourhood is, valuables should be stored safely and secretly. In case of the slight chance there is a break-in, you do not want to make it easy for the criminal. Assets like jewellery should be stored in password-protected safes.

Additionally, consider bolting safes to a wall or heavy furniture. This prevents the criminal from just stealing the safe and breaking it on their own time. Ideally, no valuables should be left outside, but this is almost impossible with TVs, laptops and valuable art.

8. Don’t Share Security Details

Regarding home security, being secretive and private is crucial to prevent break-ins. We recommend not sharing security details with friends, family or delivery drivers. Family and friends can be trusted, but the details may spread if they lose their phone.

On the other hand, providing building codes to delivery drivers may make your life easy, but it could easily be misused. Delivery drivers may use the code late at night and find a way to break in.

In addition, these security details can include front door codes, the type of security system or hidden keys.

9. Be Mindful of Your Social Media Posts

With the constant use of social media, accidently promoting your Hong Kong apartment to criminals is very easy. There is always a chance one of your followers isn’t following you for the right reasons.

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It is a common tactic for burglars to follow people on social media to track their whereabouts. Therefore, you should not post too much about leaving for holidays, your holiday pictures, new expensive home buys or your internal apartment. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t post holiday pictures at all, but try to post them after the holiday. Also, be mindful of who is following you and avoid accepting unknown accounts.

10. Purchase Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the best home security strategies to deal with break-ins. The insurance may not be able to avoid the break-in or theft, but will help you deal with loss and the unfortunate situation.

Home insurance will cover asset and structure damage or loss due to fires, floods, natural disasters and theft. The insurance is a must for everyone, whether you own or rent your Hong Kong apartment. Even renters need tenant insurance, while landlords need landlord insurance.

It is essential to understand home insurance will only cover your apartment if there is a modern form of home security. The insurance will not cover any Hong Kong apartment with no security, as it is easy to break in.


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