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Is it really a Hong Kong summer without a junk party? As soon as the weather gets warm and the sun is out, there is only one thing to do: plan a junk party. Junk parties are known to be one of the most popular summer activities in Hong Kong. It is a perfect way to get that summer tan, enjoy water sports and just get loose. 

A junk party is when a group of people rent out a large boat to celebrate an event, birthday or just enjoy the summer. It’s a boat party full of people, booze, food and loads of fun. The party can be organised for any occasion: from a luxurious spa party or chilled casual party to formal business events.

However, organising a junk party is not as fun as the party itself. One must go through confusing steps to ensure it is successfully planned and executed. For example, do you invite the guests first or book the boat and food first?

Someone must take responsibility and do that hard work. Although, after reading this article, it will feel much more manageable. The article will help you organise the perfect junk party in Hong Kong through some simple ordered steps.

How To Organise a Junk Party in Hong Kong?

Choose The Date and Time

A junk party day should be warm when the sun is predicted to be out and not too hot. Good weather is key to a fun and successful junk party. Therefore, the first step to begin organising your junk party in Hong Kong: is to decide the best date and time.

Hong Kong summer day yacht - boat party hong kong

It is crucial to pick a sunny day with the slightest chance of being affected by any rain or typhoon. Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable, but with proper planning and observation research, you can find a suitable date and hope for the best. Also, make sure you discuss with your guests and find out when your guest will be available.

The timing on that date is as important too. Will your guest prefer day junk or evening junk? For example, if your guests expect water sports and different locations, it is better to start early. We recommend getting the most out of the day and sun. 

Select the Suitable Boat or Yacht

A junk party is basically impossible without renting a yacht or boat, so it is time to choose the perfect vessel for your party. There is a range of different types of boats and yachts you can choose from, such as classic wooden boats to modern-style lavish yachts. 

Select Yacht or boats- Aberdeen HK- junk boat

Choosing your boat/yacht depends on the party type, the number of people, and the activities. For example, for a water sports party, you may need to rent a luxury boat that typically fits around 20-30 people.

Most boats will have a range of the number of people they can fit in, so you don’t have to worry about having the exact guest list. Additionally, make sure most of your guests agree on the boat and the prices involved. You do not want your guest backing out cause the yacht is too expensive.

Invite Guests

A boat party needs guests and fun guests to get the party started. It is crucial to ask the right amount of people who are sure they will attend. Do not over-invite people and try to fit them on the boat; that maximum number provided is for your safety.

Cannes-after party -hong kong junk trips

It is vital to have a list of confirmed people at least a week before the junk and spend the last week gathering everyone’s payments (if the costs are being shared). Try to take the payment as soon as possible for a smoother trip. The amount typically includes boat payments plus the rough cost of food, drinks, and additional activity costs.

We recommend having a guest list – the first tick to confirm they have paid and the second tick to ensure they have arrived on the boat.

Organise Suppliers – Food Catering

 FInger Food junk party HK - renting a junk in hong kong

Hopefully, by this step, you have a clearer picture of how many guests will attend, and now you can order food and drinks. It is essential to note everyone’s dietary restrictions before choosing a caterer.

Countless caterers can supply food for your junk. It’s your choice to decide what kind of food you and your guests will enjoy. We recommend a range of finger food- small bites that are easy to pick up and easy on the stomach (especially on a moving boat). 

For example, you don’t want your guest to fill up on heavy food when jumping in the sea or being thrown off a banana boat—there is nothing worse than being seasick due to the food.

Discuss Pick-Up and Destination Points

As you get closer to your junk party day, it’s time to organise where the boat will pick up your party and where you want to go. This information is crucial cause a junk boat is unlike a car that can pick up guests on the way. There is usually one pick-up point; everyone should meet at least 30 min before the planned time.

Then there are the anchor drop points where the boat or yacht will stop, and you can start the party and activities. As an organiser, you must discuss these points with the guest and the boat company. We recommend you consult with the boat company and captain where the least crowded place would be on that date.

Pick-Up Points Include: Central Pier, Causeway Bay (Noon Day Gun), Aberdeen, Tsim Sha Tsui / Kowloon Pier, and Pak Sha Wan Pier

Anchor Drop Points Include: Deepwater Bay, Repulse Bay, South Bay, Clearwater Bay, Millionaire’s Bay, Bluff Island, Port Shelter, and Kau Sai Wan.

Have Fun and Party!

All the hard work is finally over! – It’s time to enjoy the junk yacht party with your guests and soak in that summer sun. First, however, there are some things you and your guest need to keep in mind.

Junk Party Fun Asia - yacht party

These tips are for everyone that you can share. One of the most important tips is to drink responsibly, as you don’t want the alcohol to ruin the entire day, especially with water activities. Being heavily intoxicated in the middle of the sea can be very dangerous and won’t end well.

Another tip is to keep hydrated. The sun is lovely, but without proper hydration, you can have a heat stroke and more. It can turn a fun party into one of the worst. So just keep sipping on water and keep a bottle near you.

Finally, beware of Jellyfish. Yes, there are jellyfish that can sting you, and it’s painful. However, if you do get stung, do not ask your friends to pee on you; it may make it worse. Instead, inform the boat staff, and they will provide you with the proper medical attention. 

What Insurances Can Help A Junk Party in Hong Kong?

Insurance can be bought by businesses organising junk parties, renting yachts or private organisers too. The two main policies related to a junk boat party in Hong Kong are event and yacht insurance. 

Both insurances have different purposes and cover various risks.

Event insurance will cover the policyholder against any risks associated with hosting and organising the junk party. In addition, the insurance is a great financial and liability cover when things go wrong. So if the event is cancelled or someone is injured, the insurance will pay the costs related to the unpredictable incident.

Yacht insurance is mandatory for yacht owners or any boating company that loans their vessel to parties. Yacht insurance is a policy that provides protection and services at any time for the vessel. In addition, the insurance will cover any surprising accidents, third-party liability, damages, or even towing.

These two insurances can be bought by companies or privately. The policies can protect the event, guests, and the boat/yacht.

It is essential to be covered as a company, just in case the junk party gets out of control, and things start affecting your business.


To Learn More about an event or yacht Insurance to protect your junk party in Hong Kong, contact Red Asia Insurance.