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When people think of Hong Kong, they imagine expensive shopping, a fast-moving city, and the famous skyline view. However, Hong Kong is much more than that; there is a secret that tourists’ books don’t tell you about. Hong Kong has more than 100 beautifully green trails/hikes around the city.

Each trail is known for its breathtaking views and the nature that makes you forget you are in Hong kong. The hikes can range from simple, easy ones to hardcore expert-level trails. However, everyone planning a hike should follow some hiking tips to get the most from the hike.

Hence this short article will highlight the top 10 hiking tips for hikes in Hong Kong. These tips will help make your next hike easier and safer.

The Top Hiking Tips in Hong Kong

1. Pick A Hike That Is Suitable For You And Your Group

One of the first steps is to pick your hike and trail. Hikes require more than just fitness; it requires navigation, planning and quick reactions. These qualities can easily be learnt and developed by doing more and more hikes.

Hence, Our first hiking tip is to ensure the trail you choose is appropriate for you and your group’s fitness and experience level. If you are new to hikes, start with something simple and build up. 

For example, one of the easiest hikes in Hong Kong is  The Peak trail, and on the other hand, the hardest is the Tai Mo Shan trail.

2. Plan Your Route (Including Checking The Weather)

Some hikes can be confusing and far from the city. Therefore, it is vital to plan how everyone will get to the trail and the path itself – from start to end. Planning can save you from getting lost and wasting time; hikes are meant to be fun, not stressful.

The hiking tip also includes planning a suitable date by checking the best weather conditions for the specific hike. You don’t want to be stuck on a peak during a typhoon or be lost under the scorching Hong kong sun. Planning is key.

3. Pack The Essential

When packing for the hike, you must imagine that you are already on the hike and think of the possible things you may need. Of course, the number 1 thing is water and plenty of it – especially on challenging hikes (hydration is crucial).  You should pack water according to how long the hike is; the longer the hike, the more water you will need.

One must also pack some snacks, such as fruits, energy bars, or anything light. You don’t need to pack full meals unless it is a long or overnight hike. Our main packing hiking tip is to pack light and be prepared.

4. Dress In The Right Gear

It’s the day of the hike, time to get ready and final checks before the adventure begins. One of the best ways to make the hike easy and comfortable is to dress appropriately. You must dress depending on the weather and the type of trail.

Therefore our hiking tip is to wear the right shoes and comfortable sports gear. Wrong clothes and shoes will make the hike much harder than it has to be. Imagine hiking in jeans; yikes!

5. Start The Hike Early

Another hiking tip is to start early and get most of the day. Hikes can be unpredictable, especially the harder ones. A 2-hour hike can quickly turn into a 4-hour hike with a wrong turn or unexpected accident.

Starting your hike early gives you more time in the day, which helps with navigation, and it is much cooler in the mornings. Hiking in the dark or in the afternoon heat can be hazardous and make things much more difficult. As they say, “the early bird gets the worm”.

6. Pace Yourself

If you followed the previous hiking tip and left early, there is no rush. You can enjoy the views and take your time. Rushing and overexerting yourself may ruin the hike. Additionally, don’t forget to take breaks and check on the least experienced hiker.

Although at the same time, do not take it too slow or take too many breaks. You don’t want to be moving away from the scheduled plan.

7. Leave No Trace ( Be Environmentally Friendly)

Being environmentally friendly is one of the most critical hiking tip in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, thousands of hikers leave plastic bags, wrappers, and more on the paths. Leaving a rubbish trace ruins the beauty of the hike and pollutes nature.

Our hiking tip is to pick up after yourself, no matter how small the rubbish, and try to pick up other loose trash on the way to clean these hikes. Small steps can go a long way when it comes to the environment.

8. Keep Checking If You Are On Track

As mentioned, one wrong turn can change the hike completely. Therefore, it is vital to keep checking if you are on the right track. Most Hong Kong trails have signs and simple directions to make it easier. 

However, the tougher hikes may be a bit more complicated, and checking signs and the map can make a big difference. If you feel lost, just stop and fix your route and don’t hesitate to ask for directions.

9. Have Fun!

The primary purpose of the hike is to have fun and get out of the city. Enjoy every step of a hike with your group and take in the beautiful scenery. Take pictures, plan a picnic and reward yourself post-hike with a relaxing drink.

Additionally, Hong Kong is full of different hikes; challenge yourself occasionally and try new hikes each weekend. Hiking should be a fun time with friends and family.

10. Be Insured By Medical Or Personal Accident Insurance

Our final hiking tip is to be insured to be covered if things go wrong. Unfortunately, there may be occasions where you get injured or may need medical attention. Even the most experienced hikers still get injured when trying challenging trails. Injuries can also occur from wild animals, such as snakes, especially in summer.

Hence you must make sure you have medical insurance or personal accident insurance. Insurance will cover the emergency costs and help you avoid spending a significant amount on medical bills.

Are You Now Ready For Your Next Hike?

These tips are a great way to be prepared and safe, no matter what kind of hiker you are. We hope these hiking tips help you on your next hike in Hong Kong. Moreover, the more you hike – the more these tips will feel natural.

Happy Hiking! 


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