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It is the perfect weekend to enjoy a Hong Kong music festival. The Clockenflap schedule has been on music lover’s calendars for months. It is a music festival that allows Hong Kong locals and tourists worldwide to let loose and enjoy live music.

The Clockenflap December lineup 2023 begins on the 1st of December until the 3rd, and soon be time to buy tickets. However, organising a huge event like this is not as great as attending them.

Organising businesses face many risks when organising massive music festivals such as Clockenflap. These risks can result in financial loss, injuries, property damage and even lawsuits.

Hence organising businesses purchase insurance to protect their liability, attendees, and participants from risks. The article will explain the risks Clockenflap Hong Kong music festival faces this year and how event insurance is the key.

Clockenflap Hong Kong Music Festival Risks

Clockenflap Cancellations

Hong Kong ticketing (ticketflap) was delighted when they sold out all tickets for the first time since 2018. Thirty thousand Clockenflap 2023 tickets have been sold this year. Every attendee is excited to see their favourite band live.

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When hosting a music festival, there is always a chance of sudden cancellations due to drastic weather or government rules. For example, the Clockenflap 2019 was cancelled due to protests and Clockenflap 2021 due to COVID restrictions.

In such cases, the hosting business must refund tickets and will not get back most of its deposits. Therefore all the money they spend renting the venue, equipment and hiring bands will be either entirely or partially lost. Hence It leads to a large amount of financial loss and stress.


Clockenflap 2023 hosting business will be liable for the safety of thirty thousand fans plus artists. Each attendee will be ready to enjoy it to the fullest. The hosts must make sure that the event does not harm any of these attendees or allow harmful substances (drugs) into the venue. 

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For example, the hosting business will be liable if serious injuries are directly related to the music festival activities or negligence. The hosts must hire the right staff to ensure this music festival risk is controlled, to avoid harm and third-party lawsuits.

Unfortunately, attendee injuries are always sudden; even with the best strategy, they still happen. However, the Hong Kong music festival does not need to worry about minor injuries; fans are bound to go wild after three years.

Equipment and Venue Damage

Hosts spend thousands to millions on booking, hiring or buying venues, stage materials and equipment. During the Clockenflap 2023, the host will be liable for any damage, loss, or theft of paid equipment or venue. 

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Thankfully, venue damage risks are less as it is an outdoor event, but there is an endless possibility of equipment damage. Equipment damage could include large speakers falling off the stage, drinks spilling on the DJ set or even some rowdy attendees damaging the stage.

Any Hong Kong music festival can be a victim of these damages and will have to pay the cost of repair or replacements. These costs can be extremely high, especially when the host has to replace crucial equipment quickly.

Property Damage

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There is always some sort of property damage that occurs during music festivals, from broken phones to something much more serious. Property damage could happen at any point during the weekend. These severe property damages could occur to attendees, hired media, artists, etc.

For example, a hired media company’s HKD 100,000 camera falls and breaks at Clockenflap. The event host would be liable to pay for repairs if the accident was due to the music festival activity or the host’s negligence.

Property damage to third parties can convert into lawsuits against the Clockenflap 2023 hosts.

How Event Insurance Is the Perfect Solution for The Hong Kong Music Festival?

Fortunately, all these music festival risks that Clockenflap may face will be covered by event insurance. The insurance will cover the cost of cancellations, third-party injuries & property damage, and venue & equipment damage.

With event insurance, hosts do not need to stress if things go wrong. Purchasing event insurance will help recover from the financial loss of most event disasters. However, the insurance will no longer cover any pandemic-related cancellations.

Clockenflap 2023 Hong Kong music festival is covered by event insurance and will be an excellent event for the city. Hopefully, every music, sport, or personal event purchases event insurance beforehand.

You can also read more about event insurance in detail in our event insurance article.


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