Are you travelling during Chinese New Year holidays? Chinese New Year (CNY) is one of the most important celebrations in Chinese culture and many countries. It is an occasion with a great history and traditions. The festival lasts 1-2 weeks and is spent with family and loved ones.

It is a popular time to travel back home to celebrate with family or squeeze in a holiday for expats. In fact, nearly 2.1 billion trips are estimated during this Chinese New Year. The numbers are at an all-time high due to borders reopening and families travelling back after years.

If you are planning to travel during the holiday, we hope you have bought your tickets by now- as prices will be extremely high. Travelling during Chinese New Year comes with various risks that can ruin the trip and the celebration.

However, you can buy travel insurance to cover common risks and avoid financial loss and stress. This article will explain what could go wrong when travelling during Chinese New Year and how travel insurance is the key. 

What Could Go Wrong While Travelling During Chinese New Year?


Travelling during Chinese New Year is stressful, and many things can go wrong from start to end. One of the things is sudden cancellations for a trip you spend thousands on. Cancellations can be due to medical reasons, weather, or work-related issues.

Flights Cancelled

No matter the reason, surprise cancellation can be expensive and even more during a popular holiday. Unfortunately, no airline will return your money if the cancellation was not their fault.

Thankfully if you have travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about financial loss. The insurance will reimburse the costs of flights, hotels and more if the reason is under your policy. We hope you get where you need to be this Chinese New Year, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Baggage Loss

Imagine how many bags will be on planes and trains if 2.1 billion are estimated to travel during Chinese New Year. We think airports and railways baggage system is much more advanced than it really is. Bags are still normally handled by humans most of the time, and mistakes keep happening. A lost bag means you have nothing to live on, and you won’t be able to give your family those gifts.

Baggage Loss

The festive holiday can easily be ruined when your essential baggage is lost. Unfortunately, baggage loss is becoming one of the most common risks, especially during holidays. In 2022 the baggage mishandling rate increased by 24% compared to 2021.

Travel insurance may not be able to make your bag reappear magically, but it will financially help you move on. The insurance will provide you cost of essentials during your holiday till your bag is found. Then, if declared entirely lost, it will reimburse the estimated value of the contents.

Medical Emergency

One of the scariest situations anyone can be in when travelling during Chinese New Year is getting ill or injured. In your family’s country or new city, the medical bills could reach very high, and your health insurance may not be international.

Travel Medical Emergency

In these situations, adequate travel insurance will cover your medical expenses abroad. It will reimburse the cost of consultation, medical attention, and medicines. Travel insurance will also provide expert information on the nearest and best hospital.

However, the insurance will not cover your planned eye surgery in a cheaper medical country. The insurance will only cover unforeseen and emergency injuries or illnesses. The aspect of travel insurance can be a lifesaver, especially in an unknown place.

Lost Passport or Bank Cards

No matter where you travel during Chinese New Year, you can lose important documents or be robbed. There is nothing worse than looking everywhere and not finding your passport or noticing your wallet has been stolen.

Travelling during Chinese New Year-lost passport

In this situation, most feel hopeless, and sadly you can’t do much. You can’t fly back or continue on with your trip. You can contact your immigration, but that may take time and charge you a significant amount.

In this case, travel insurance is the best asset to have. Travel insurance will cover the replacement cost, emergency travel documents, new flights, and additional accommodation. Additionally, the insurance will cover the cost of getting a new card but not the financial loss on the card (you will need to contact your bank).

Travel insurance can make this stress much easier with their 24/7 hotlines. But first, just make sure you actually have lost it, and it is not just under that cabinet.

Why Is Travel Insurance Crucial When Travelling During Chinese New Year?

Having insurance when travelling during Chinese New Year holidays can be the breath of air you may need during these awful situations. The insurance will help you avoid financial loss, unneeded stress, and expert advice.

However, you must understand your policy to make sure what details are covered and what are not.

Additionally, travel insurance will not cover when cancellations due to a pandemic reason. Therefore if you cancel flights due to you having covid or country covid restrictions, you will not get back any expenses.

You can purchase travel insurance any time before the Chinese New Year. Therefore it’s not too late to buy the insurance even now.


To learn more about travel insurance and be protected when travelling during Chinese New Year, contact Red Asia Insurance.