Home Flooding

There are more and more people travelling over summer holidays and planning future Christmas holidays too. Things finally seem to be brightening up, and a holiday is a perfect way to forget the past crazy years and relax.

Although there are a few things, one must do before leaving for a holiday. An important checklist to keep one’s home safe and secure. Such as turning off most electrical appliances, turning off taps, closing windows and much more.

But what if you forget one of these steps or your house suffers a freak accident while you are away? The case study will explain how home insurance was the best solution after a home flooding during the holiday.

Client Background

Our client is an apartment owner in Hong Kong- his apartment is occupied by his family (wife and two kids). Owning your home in Hong Kong is a great investment, which is followed by a great number of responsibilities.

These responsibilities include maintaining each part, such as pipes, fixtures, walls and anything inside the house. In addition, they are responsible for any expenditure needed to fix or improve the apartment for their benefit. Therefore they can not depend on a landlord or any other party and need to have their own connections when things go wrong.

As a homeowner, the client must protect their home from fires, flooding, theft and damage from weather. If anything goes wrong while on holiday, they will have to face and deal with the consequences.

Client Problem: Home Flooding During the Holiday

The client decided to take advantage of the borders slowly opening and went on a 2-week holiday to relax with his family. They were excited and explained they had a great holiday after two years. Unfortunately, after their quarantine, things took a very surprising swing when they returned home.

When they returned home, they noticed water seeping through their front door, and as they opened the door, they stepped into a layer of water everywhere. The apartment was flooded with water all around and even more near the bathrooms and bedrooms. He noticed one of the pipes had been leaking and slowly flowing water out of the bathroom.

Their furniture, walls, and electrical supply were all damaged, and they knew it would be costly to fix and spend more time in a hotel.

How did home insurance help deal with home Flooding after a holiday?

Fortunately, the family’s home was covered by home insurance. Home insurance will cover the home and the physical contents that were damaged by the unpredictable flood. The insurance will help the family recover from the tragic flood without dipping into their savings and spending a significant amount on repairs.

Home insurance will also cover hotel costs to accommodate the family during the repair period. The insurance will is necessary for tenants or owners to protect their homes. Even if you rent the apartment, an unanticipated event can be costly and ruin expensive valuables.

The home insurance provided the following costs:

  • Property Repair/Replace costs: HKD 50,000
  • Electrical repair: HKD 20,000
  • Accommodation placement: HKD 10,000

Total costs reimbursed: HKD 80,000


Home insurance is becoming a must for homeowners and renters. It is proven to help policyholders recover from such incidents. The policy will reduce financial risks when facing such unpredictable events. In addition, the insurance gives the insured the hope of recovering from a home flooding that would be much harder and more expensive to repair.

Both homeowners and tenants should purchase the insurance to get the best cover for any surprising event. However, an exclusion for home insurance will not reimburse damage or loss if no one has lived in the home for more than 30 days. 

To learn more about Home Insurance and be covered from home floodings, contact Red Asia Insurance.