What is Jewellery Block Insurance?

Jewellery Block Insurance Hong Kong

Jewellers’ Block insurance is perfect to protect: jewellers, auction houses, antique dealers, art galleries, and any businesses that manufacture or handle jewellery.

These businesses are the biggest target of burglary, theft, or accident that results in the loss of expensive products. This can be damaging to the business and can also damage the reputation of the company if they have lost customer’s items.

Jewellers Block policies cover the stock and clients’ possessions while in care of these businesses mentioned above.

What is covered?

The policy coverage includes:

  • Buildings, Contents and Stock
  • Transits and deliveries
  • Shipping via armoured services, airfreight and couriers
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Fidelity guarantee (theft or fraud by employees)
  • Private jewellery

What should you know?

Jeweller’s block insurance provides those trading high-value goods with the peace of mind needed to run their business with less fear. As they know, their goods are safe, with jewellery block insurance fully protecting them from any future disaster on their products.

Jewellery block insurance exclusions may include mysterious loss or employee dishonesty. An insurance company will run a detailed analysis when the business reports a lost product and needs the coverage money.

Many insurance companies may demand the business stores to have alarms and proper protection to apply for the insurance.



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