What is Film Insurance?

Film Insurance

Film insurance protects your production company and/or individual film project from any possible liabilities that may happen during filming.

As there are various categories of films, such as low budget short films, feature films, commercials, documentaries and more.There are many different types of insurance coverage and policies offered to filmmakers.

Film production insurance is purchased by a producer or the owner of a production company. The purchasing of film insurance for a particular film project will take place during pre-production.

What is covered?

Film Insurance covers aspects such as:

  • Cast-Death, illness, injury, sickness, disease or kidnapping covered for cast and crew members.
  • Production media-Covers a broad range of media, Protection against physical damage, accidental and faulty perils.
  • Liability-. Bodily Injury and Property Damage during filming.
  • Expenditure incurred as a result of delay due to mechanical -breakdown of generators, camera, lighting, sound and grip equipment covered as standard
  • Property-Range of property covered including cameras and production equipment, props, sets and wardrobes, office contents, action vehicles and library stock

What should you know?

Protection is available for either individual film projects or a slate of productions.Although some insurers are adding exclusions for COVID-19 or contagious diseases to existing policies when cast members get medical exams.

In order to reduce their own liability, many documentary producers have begun asking participants and crew members to sign liability waivers, often including these in crew deal memos and on-camera participant release forms.


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