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As we move past New Year’s and into 2024, millions worldwide look forward to the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year

The festival is one of the most important festivals that marks the start of the new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The exciting festival is celebrated with friends and family with a large amount of delicious food, laughter and exchange of red envelopes.

The red envelopes, also known as hóngbāo, are the best for many young celebrators. However the red envelopes are not about the money inside, but the red colour signifies good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Another big part of Chinese New Year is the animal it is associated with, 2024 being the Year of The Dragon, specifically the Wood-Dragon. Each animal and element brings certain characteristics and predictions for the year and other zodiac animals.

The article will explore the different predictions the Year of The Dragon may bring us in 2024. In addition, if there are any ways to ensure a safe and protected year, lucky or not,

These predictions may differ for each Chinese zodiac; some expect to have a great year, and some may find it challenging. What zodiac animal are you? Will this be your year?

What Is The Year Of The Dragon (Wood-Dragon)?

We hop out of the Year Of The Rabbit into the Year Of The Dragon on February 10th 2024. The Dragon is the fifth animal of the twelve in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Chinese New Year 2024 invites the Wood-Dragon. 

Each element represents different factors and combines with the animal’s characteristics. The Wood Dragon’s characteristics are known to be creativity, bravery, full of energy, and drive to achieve. 

In the Year of the Dragon, the luck of many will vary depending on their zodiac animal. However, the good news is that regardless of their relationship with the Dragon, every zodiac animal can achieve their goals if they work hard and are willing to tackle challenges.

Read to understand the predicted breakdown for the Year of The Dragon. Will it be lucky or not?

Year Of The Dragon Predictions – Lucky or Not?

Career Predictions

Chinese lunar new year, lunar new year 2024, career predictions

Career prediction is something that peaks everyone’s interest in seconds. We all have different career paths; people seek career development or change. But will the influence of the Dragon make the year harder or easier for you?

The Year of Dragon brings a positive career prediction for most zodiac animals. It is a good year to look forward to the promotion and success. The Rooster, Monkey and Pig will exceed this year either in a new career or shine in their roles. However, people born under the Year of the Ox, Rabbit and Dog may be challenged and may need to work hard to reach their career goals.

Whether it is a successful or challenging career prediction, everyone should have some form of professional protection. The best career protection is having a range of liability insurances. 

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Wealth Predictions 

Everyone wants a great amount of money every year; who doesn’t want to be rich? Financial difficulty is one of the worst situations every person hopes to avoid when they read their predictions.

 Chinese New Year 2024 animal, ear of the dragon, wealth predictions

Thankfully, zodiac signs will either grow their wealth or have an average stable year. People born under the Year Of The Snake, Rooster. Monkey and Horse will face many opportunities to gain wealth. People born under the Year Of The Pig, Goat, and Dog must be cautious and avoid high-risk investments.

Protecting financial stability is crucial, regardless of current or future financial situation. Many companies’ financial positions depend on clients’ payments. However, clients sometimes cannot pay due to bankruptcy, insolvency or political risk.

The no payment or late payment can ruin a business or professional’s wealth in the Year Of The Dragon. Hence, companies can purchase trade credit insurance to cover trade credit payments and financial risks.

Health Predictions

Good health is one of the most important things to hope for and work towards. Everyone should try to ensure they are fit and make lifestyle changes to reach a new health position.

CNY health predictions, dragon Chinese zodiac, Zodiac 2024 predictions

Unfortunately, the Year Of The Dragon may not be the best year for health for many under various zodiac animal years. People born in the Year of the Dog, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, and Horse may have a bad year for health. Hence, they need to be aware of their health and high-risk accidents.

It may be better for these zodiac signs to avoid high-risk sports and take frequent health checks. The other zodiac signs are predicted to have steady health, but it never hurts to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone needs medical protection to help them financially in case of health problems. The best medical protection is health insurance or personal accident insurance. Health issues can be unpredictable and expensive.

Health insurance will financially cover most medical costs associated with injuries, illness and serious diseases. Personal accident insurance will cover expenses related to sudden accidents and injuries, including sports or adventure injuries. Having the right medical coverage this year is crucial to ensure you can treat health scares professionally without compromising due to costs.

Social Issues Predictions 

Social issues are unfortunate situations that can affect many. The term refers to any problem that affects a local or international society. Political issues can also be considered social issues. For example, wars, elections, climate change and more. Will the Year of The Dragon be peaceful?

happy Chinese new year, Social issue predictions

Regrettably, experts predict the Year of The Dragon will bring conflict and uncertainty regarding social and political issues. It might be a complicated year with the current war, countries hosting elections, and climate change becoming more apparent. However, such issues are genuinely unpredictable.

Unfortunately, no specific policy can cover loss due to these risks. However, businesses can purchase trade credit insurance to cover non-payment due to political troubles and purchase property all-risk insurance to cover natural disaster property damage. 

Consequently, everyone should have a home and asset insurance to protect their belongings from damage due to increasing natural disasters.

How Can Insurance Make the Year of The Dragon Safer?

It is always hard to deal with sudden risks as a business or individual. These personal or business risks can shake up life, no matter the threat’s risk and size. Therefore, having insurance is crucial to have a form of protection to recover from risks.

Insurance may not avoid the risks but can help deal with the risks that arise through the Year of The Dragon. Coping with career, health, and social risks can be expensive. The financial cover is ideal to recover from threats and focus on a better future. 

Therefore, having the right insurance can help with financial loss and peace of mind. Having protection beforehand for an accident, error, or damage can help reduce the stress of dealing with the risks.

Regardless of the predictions, we hope everyone has a fiery Year of The Dragon with great success and happiness.


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Disclaimer: The predictions in this article are not factual, and the information has been gathered through various astrology websites. Red Asia Insurance does not guarantee prediction legitimacy and will not take responsibility for the outcome. We are just an insurance company!