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Hong Kong is recognised as a hustling and competitive city, with millions of workers striving to succeed. Hong Kong has a wide range of job roles, including office employees to outdoor construction workers.

The fast-paced environment has also created an ongoing issue of workplace injuries. According to government statistics, over 30,000 work-related injuries were reported in Hong Kong in 2022, a 15% increase from the previous year.

Work or occupational injuries range from slip and fall accidents to machinery malfunctions and repetitive strain injuries. The outcome of these injuries affects workers and their families significantly, with many facing extended medical leave, lost wages, and possible permanent disabilities.

Employers in Hong Kong are legally responsible for their employees and the work-related injuries their employees may experience while on duty.

Employers in Hong Kong must understand the necessary steps to take when dealing with a work injury. Therefore, this article will outline the essential steps for handling a work injury in Hong Kong and emphasise the importance of employee compensation insurance.

Steps to Deal With A Work Injury In Hong Kong

Understand Work Injury Risks

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Every industry has its unique work injury risks that could affect any employee. Even an industry that primarily operates indoors can face slips, falls, on-route accidents (while attending external meetings), and severe muscle strains.

Hong Kong employers must gain a deeper understanding of work injury risks and have a plan to address them. Employers must research common injury types, analyse incident reports, and examine factors like workstation ergonomics, machine guarding, and worker training. 

Understanding workplace injury risks gives employers an upper hand when injuries do occur. It also helps create a professional plan to prevent injuries and implement safety actions.

Apply Safety Measures

After employers have conducted the right research and understand the risks in the work injury industry, they can implement proper safety measures. The safety measures must be mandatory rules employees should follow to reduce the chance of injuries.

These measures include providing safety gear, ensuring all machinery is safe, and providing employee safety training. Training and implementing these measures will keep employees safe.

 Every employee should feel comfortable reporting their injuries, whether minor or major. Understanding how to prevent injuries is as important as dealing with work injuries in Hong Kong.

Upgrade Employee Compensation Insurance

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Every employer is legally required to purchase employee compensation insurance when hiring employees. However, many employers forget to upgrade their insurance to match the growing company’s risks.

The insurance will cover the costs of medical treatment, lost salary, and possible disability compensation. EC insurance is essential to assist employees in getting the best treatment and recovery.

It is the only policy that financially covers work injuries in Hong Kong, so employers do not need to worry about additional expenditures.

React Quick

A work injury can occur at any time and anywhere. Employers and employees should react quickly when faced with any form of injury, and the injured employee must be rushed to the hospital.

It’s important to react quickly to prevent an injury from worsening or becoming life-threatening. Even a fall with no visible wound can lead to internal bleeding. Employees should be aware that they must report any injury to their managers, regardless of how they feel or how minor it may seem.

Managers should be trained to understand what injuries can be treated with a first aid box and what are serious.

Medical Treatment and Check-ups 

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The immediate response should involve going to the hospital to obtain the necessary medical treatment. Employees in Hong Kong who suffer a work-related injury or illness must seek and receive proper medical care promptly

At this stage, employers should ensure their employees get a professional diagnosis. The diagnosis can assist in understanding the future of the employee and employer. It will determine how long the employee must rest and when to return to work.

At this time, the employer must look for a replacement and ensure that the employee is well-rested. Employers in Hong Kong must provide at least 80% of the salary during this period.

Write A Detailed Report of The Injury

When employees receive the medical treatment they need, employers must look back and understand what happened. The business must create a detailed report to analyse the incident and submit it to third parties.

The report must include the time, date, cause of injury, injury diagnosis, costs, and other details related to the incident. This report is crucial and compulsory in Hong Kong to help third parties understand the incident and prevent fraudulent claims.

The details (statements) should be taken by the employees, witnesses, and managers on duty. The report must be prepared as soon as possible and professionally for handing over to the labour department.

Notify the Labour Department

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Businesses must report every single work injury to the Hong Kong Labour Department. Employers should notify the department with the detailed report and forms within 14 days after the incident (or seven days in case of death). 

Employers who fail to notify the department can face severe fines and lawsuits. The labour department will then analyse the case and ensure it is valid for a claim.

Notify Insurance Company

Employers must notify their insurance providers immediately after informing the labour department. The sooner the insurance company knows, the quicker the claim process can begin.

At this point, the employer should cover all costs related to the work injury, which can amount to a significant sum. The insurance settlement may be the business’s only financial assistance during work injuries.

The insurance company will instruct employers on the necessary documents and submission requirements to ensure accurate reimbursement. Reimbursement will only be processed once the employee fully recovers and returns.

Keep a Record of Information & Bills

Work Injury steps

When dealing with a work injury in Hong Kong, everything must be documented effectively. Documentation is essential to claim accurately the funds spent on the work injury.

These documents may include employee medical reports, hospital bills, post-injury treatment expenditures, salary statements, etc. The business must share each document with the insurance firm and store it on its servers. The documentation is essential even if the work injury was resolved within days.

Claim Settlement

The final stage of dealing with a work injury in Hong Kong is the claim settlement and reimbursement. If the business has followed the proper steps and provided the insurance firm with the correct documents and information, the reimbursement should be near or precise to what was spent.

Insurance companies aim to assist businesses with financial loss and employee care. As mentioned, this stage will only occur after the employee has returned to work and will not cover any check-ups after recovery.

Employee compensation insurance is mandatory for the right reasons. It benefits both the employer and the employee during a work injury.



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