In Hong Kong, it is very common to have a domestic helper that helps your household with the daily chores. From cleaning to take care of the kids, the domestic helpers are multi-tasking and can be subject to injury during their course of work.

What insurance can protect the domestic helper and protect you as employer?

Firstly, it is important to know that domestic helper insurance is required by law in Hong Kong. This is an employer’s legal liability under the Employees Compensation Ordinance.

It’s stipulate that if an employee gets injured/a disease during his work, his employer needs to continue to pay his earning during his recovery and his medical expenses (to know more about Employee Compensation click here).

Thus, the employee compensation insurance will cover your interest as an employer as well as for your domestic helper.

Furthermore, usually, your domestic helper is a part of your daily life and is it important that she/he stays healthy. Thus, the insurers offer usually a Helper Insurance Package that is regrouping :

  • The Employee Compensation Insurance
  • A small additional coverage for your domestic hospitalization, surgical, outpatient etc.
  • And a repatriation cover in her/his country of origin.
  • Some insurers also often offer an option like critical illness (cancer, heart disease etc).

This Helper insurance package usually cost less than one thousand Hong Kong dollars per year.