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Valuables are different to everyone, and every person wants to protect them. Insurance is one of the best ways to protect belongings or unfortunate situations. There are countless number of insurance policies that can protect different things.

However, there are some things and situations that one would not assume could be covered, but think again. People, including celebrities, cover several weird things and situations

These weirdest things insured will shock you and make you consider if you will ever need to purchase a similar policy in your life.

Weirdest Things and Situations That Have Been Insured

Alien Abduction 

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When was the last time aliens abducted you? Recently, there has been an increase in alien proof and discussion about UFOs. However, people have been believing in aliens for many years, and some even fear they might be abducted.

Alien abduction situation is one of the weirdest things insured. People have purchased a policy called alien protection insurance to cover the damage of being abducted (clearly a fraud policy). Some of the covers include ransom costs, loss of income during abduction, medical treatment, and divorce costs when your spouse refuses to stay with you.

Thousands have purchased this insurance to help recover when they return to Earth. Our main question is, how does one prove they have been abducted for a claim?

Death By Laughter 

death-by-laughter insurance, strange insurance

Have you ever made someone laugh so hard that they thought they would die? Well, it could happen; being funny or producing comedy movies can be dangerous. Your killer jokes or script may lead to lawsuits from dead member’s families.

This is why many film producers in the 90s purchased death-by-laughter insurance to cover their liability. It is one of the weirdest things insured in the past due to one man called Alex Mitchel, who passed while laughing in 1970. The insurance will apparently compensate the affected person and cover all legal fees.

Next time you decide to make your friends and family laugh, think again or purchase the insurance, just in case.

Celebrity Body Parts

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Think of your favourite celebrity; we bet they have insured some part of their body. Many celebrities depend on parts of their body to do what they do. Without the body parts, they could not earn to live their luxurious life. That’s why many celebrities insure their body to guarantee they get a payout in case of damage.

Celebrity body parts insured include David Beckham’s legs, Taylor Swift’s legs, Madonna’s breasts, Mariah Carey’s voice and the list goes on. Insuring a body part works like any asset insurance policy.

The payout is typically in millions – the insurance will help cover income loss due to damage/injury to the body part. If you could insure one part of your body, what would it be?

Runaway Bride

Cold feet insurance, weirdest insurance, unique insurance policies

A wedding should be the best day for a couple; many couples pay a hefty amount to celebrate. But, what if the groom or bride gets cold feet? All that money could go to waste.

You guessed it, there is an insurance for this weird situation too. A cold feet insurance covers expenses lost due to a runaway bride or groom. It is one of the weirdest things insured, as, the policyholder must make the claim one year before the wedding.

So, if you plan to run away from your wedding, make sure your partner has insurance, and you do it one year in advance!

12-Foot-Long Cigar 

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Tobacco in any form is bad for your health, but now imagine a 12-foot cigar made out of 15,000 tobacco leaves. A company created a 12-foot cigar to break a world record, but after setting it, they decided to insure it.

The policy is one of the most expensive policies issued by Lloyd’s of London. The insurance protects the cost of the cigar and will provide a massive payout if damaged. The huge, non-smokable cigar is one of many weirdest things insured by the company.

You May Still Need an Appropriate Insurance

We hope the weirdest things insured have shocked you, like they have shocked us. Jokes aside, most of us do not have strange things to insure, but we all still need some form of insurance. Insurance can be a blessing in unfortunate common situations. Some common claims relate to our homes, assets, travel, pets, etc.

Now is the time to think about possible risks you may face in the upcoming month or years, and we can promise you there is a policy to cover those risks.

You probably need a home, asset, travel or even pet insurance to cover unique personal risks. Purchasing the right insurance today can help you protect your tomorrow from real and common risks.


To learn more about personal insurance and protect your unforeseen risks or even weird things, contact Red Asia Insurance.