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Fingers crossed! Travelling seems to be on its way to becoming normal, like before. Unfortunately, millions of trips and holidays have been ruined in the past few years, especially in Hong Kong. Thankfully, most countries are easing travel restriction-which means you can book that dream vacation and relax on that holiday you deserve.

Travelling is truly amazing; there isn’t anything more exciting than visiting new places, fresh experiences and creating memories that will last forever. Especially when you think about the thousands of places you can travel to.

No matter where one travels, there are some risks and checklists everyone should follow to get the most from the vacation. Unfortunately, travel risks can ruin a trip and the experience. The good news is that these risks can be avoided and overcome with the following travel trips. Therefore, this article will list the most important travel tips for 2022 that will make your holiday exciting, rememberable and smooth.

As you go through these travel tips, think about if you follow them already and share them with all your travel buddies who desperately need them.

Top Ten Travel Tips for 2022 

  1. Do Your Research

We all have a different definition of an enjoyable holiday, several of us want just to relax, and some of us desire adrenaline-filled holidays. So, our first travel tip in 2022 is to do your research on which holiday fits best for you.

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The research should include the food, expenses, language barriers, expectations, and holiday purposes. In fact, there are fun holiday quizzes you can do to pick the perfect destination for you. It would be a disaster booking yourself on to a holiday that doesn’t fit your personality.

Additionally, in 2022 it is vital to research the covid and political status of the country too. For example, how the country is dealing with covid, laws and if they are accepting tourists.

  1. Early Birds Get the Cheaper Tickets

Once you have decided on a destination, it’s time to take the first and most important step- booking tickets and hotels. Our travel tip is to book your tickets early, at least two months before the trip. This travel tip can save you a significant amount of money, which you can spend on your holiday or even invest in the next holiday.

The later you book your ticket, the more expensive it will be, and the spiked costs may stop you from going on that dream holiday. You can test this by checking flight details a couple of weeks away and two months away; you will be shocked by the difference.

  1. Make Sure You Have Been Tested and Vaccinated

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A crucial travel tip in 2022 is, don’t forget that travelling is still not exactly the way it used to be. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements for flying to your destination. Therefore, checking what tests you need and updating your vaccination records.

Most countries demand travellers be vaccinated and prove they are in good health. Hence make sure before you fly you complete the requirements and have proof to show at the airport. You don’t want to ruin your trip even before it starts because you don’t have one paper/test.

  1. Travel Insurance – The Travel Hero You Need

We cannot explain how important it is to have travel insurance. The insurance is your ticket to avoid and cover travel risks. Travel insurance protects you from financial risks and losses while travelling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like last-minute cancellations or overseas medical emergencies.

Dealing with these risks in a new country is hard, and travel insurance is the perfect cover to assist you. Additionally, it is very affordable and may save you a considerable amount in the future.

  1. Pack What You Really NeedPacking what you need - go travelling - travelling bag

As you get closer to the trip, it’s time to start packing. Packing can be fun and exhausting at the same time- choosing what you need and at the same time avoiding packing too much. Our travel tip is to pack what you need (the essentials), such as the clothes (but not too much), important documents, and always include some sort of medical kit.

Remember, you want to keep some space to bring back things too. You don’t want to spend that money you saved from booking early on excess baggage costs. Additionally, check the weather updates at the location to pack the right clothes.

  1. Create A Schedule – Time is Money

 It’s never fun to rush a holiday or panic when running late for a flight. Hence, one of our travel tips is planning and scheduling your holiday beforehand. Scheduling doesn’t mean you fill every minute, but a rough plan of when you will leave your home, what you want to do each day and downtime. A plan can help you get more from your holiday and avoid the risk of missing out.

You don’t want to end your holiday regretting you did not get to do what you wanted. At the same time, your plan should be flexible to add new things or remove things with less importance. Your plan should also reflect the type of person you are; if you just want to rest, make more time for that.

  1. Get A Local Sim Card

Local SIM card - travel agency hong kong

So, you have finally reached your destination, ready to start your trip and adventure; what is the first thing you should do? Our travel tip is to purchase a local sim to insert into your phone or spare phone. We understand that you could just use WIFI from hotels or restaurants, but having a local sim can be a lifesaver in challenging situations.

For example, using data to navigate back to your hotel (when lost) or translating languages. There are times there will be no WIFI near, and you will be thankful you have local data from your sim. Additionally, having roaming internet is also great for finding the nearest delicious food in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Balance Tourist Spots and Local Spots

A common mistake travellers make is only visiting tourist spots and just trying safe food. When you travel, you should experiment and understand the local culture. Our 8th travel tip is to balance touristy activities with some local activities. The balance will give you more of an authentic experience, learn much more and meet some interesting people.

These activities include local food, attractions, activities and hanging with locals. Of course, you should still visit some touristy spots; no point going to Paris and not going up the Eiffel tower-just because it is too touristy.

  1. Purchase Authentic Local Souvenirssouvenirs - travelling to japan

Shopping is always a fun part of a holiday, especially buying new things that can only be found in that country—one of the best ways to remember the holiday, even years after. Souvenirs are also great for sharing the experience with your family and friends by buying them some souvenirs. The small travel tips will make you look back on holiday, even when you are home.

Although, be careful that you budget these souvenirs and keep in mind how much weight the airline allows you. You don’t want to spend a large amount on a heavy souvenir that you can’t take home.

  1. Capture Moments -Enjoy the Holiday

Our final travel tip is to enjoy the holiday and capture every moment. Taking pictures of memories is beautiful and can last forever. The photographs provide a great feeling when you look back, almost like re-living the moments.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to purchase a suitable camera for these holidays. Most phones have great cameras now, but taking a picture through a real camera provides a natural holiday feeling. Although, make sure you respect all rules and don’t take pictures in locations you are not allowed.

Why Our Travel Tips Will Help You Avoid Travel Risks?

With a great holiday- come great responsibilities. As exciting as travelling is, unfortunate travel risks are devastating to anyone. These travel risks can hit you at any point of your trip and switch your emotions in seconds.

Travel insurance-solution

You can avoid some travel risks with our travel tips for 2022. Additionally, travel insurance may reduce risks that are out of your control. Travel insurance may not stop these risks but helps you recover from them quickly, so you can still enjoy your vacation. For example, the airline losing your baggage or flight cancellations. The insurance also covers most medical emergencies abroad and the cost of flying you back home.


It’s time to start planning your next vacation; follow our travel tips for 2022 and have a great holiday.


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