Thanksgiving Party Disasters

As Halloween passes, millions of Americans are prepping for Thanksgiving. The most popular holiday in the U. S. Americans can host a Thanksgiving party anywhere and invite friends, family and loved ones.

The holiday is all about being thankful for the year that has passed. In history, it was a day to celebrate the harvest year and be grateful for all the food. However, nowadays, it is celebrated with a huge turkey, games (American football), drinks and even more food. Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, which is the 24th of November in 2022.

Similar to Christmas, Thanksgiving parties are fun but can also be chaotic. From purchasing the best turkey to engaging a large group of guests. There are thousands of things that could go wrong. Thanksgiving party disasters can result in expensive home damages and outcomes.

Fortunately, hosts can add home insurance to their list of things to be thankful for. Home insurance is perfect for Thanksgiving party disasters. The article will help you understand what Thanksgiving party disasters are covered by home insurance and more.

What is Home Insurance?

Thanksgiving party disasters are sudden and waiting to happen, from home, asset damages, or guest injuries.

Home insurance will cover all these disasters. The policy offers coverage to a home and the physical contents damaged by an unpredictable event. These events include fires, floods, theft, vandalism, or third-party harm/illness. The insurance will reimburse the repair or replacement costs to the insured party at either market or replacement value. 

The insurance needs to be bought by both homeowners and tenants. As homeowner’s insurance will not cover the tenant’s assets – Only his fixtures and structure. Therefore, if you are renting your home and your laptop is stolen, your landlord’s home insurance won’t cover it.

Thanksgiving Party Disasters Covered by Home Insurance

Kitchen Fires

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey with endless plates of sides. The sides typically include mac N cheese, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, bread, pies and more. Imagine cooking all that around the same time and keeping a close eye on the turkey. It’s a recipe for a Thanksgiving kitchen disaster. A kitchen disaster commonly includes fires that can start from something small and quickly become massive house fires.

Thanksgivings Party Kitchen Fire

It has actually been reported that Thanksgiving day has more than three times as many fires compared to a typical day in the U.S. This fact is insane! A fire can destroy the home, fixtures and assets. In addition, fire damages typically result in extremely costly repairs and replacements.

You can avoid this Thanksgiving party disaster by ensuring everything is on the proper heat, and multiple people are helping in the kitchen. However, sometimes accidents still happen. Thankfully, home insurance will reimburse the cost of repair and replacements due to a home fire. The fire damage doesn’t have to be extreme; even if the fire has damaged the walls or assets near, the insurance will reimburse the costs.

House Damage

Your home is your personal space that you take months to decorate and make calm. Then, on Thanksgiving Day, you invite many guests into this personal space and trust them to respect it, as you do. Sadly, accidents may occur, or Uncle Garry may have one too many, which could damage your home. Damages could be an art piece smashing, stains on walls or even furniture damage. 

Wedding insurance- damage

These risks are almost impossible to avoid during a big Thanksgiving party, and sometimes the damages are too expensive to brush off. So, in the end, you will have to be the one to replace or repair it, even if they offer to – because you are a ‘good host’.

With home insurance, you can keep calm because you won’t need to spend your money on repairs or replacements. The insurance is an amazing asset in such situations, as long as the valuables are also insured under the policy. The insurance may not cover expensive assets that the insurance company has not approved. So, with home insurance, you may not need to bubble wrap and hide everything.

Guest Accidents

Large gatherings bring in risks not just to your house but also to your guests and your liability as a homeowner/tenant. Whatever happens to guests in your home will be your liability if they decide to take action. Thus, you will be responsible for paying the medical and compensation costs if a guest is injured in your home or due to another guest. 

 Guest Injury

Injuries could be anything from burns, slip and fall, or even a physical fight under your roof. Even if they are family, they might still act legally- can’t trust anyone today.

Lawsuits and guest injuries are definitely one of the worst Thanksgiving party disasters. However, home insurance in such situations can be a lifesaver. Home insurance will pay for legal expenses, cover the medical and compensation costs of the injured guest. Of course, no one wants to be sued by their family or friends, but such cases happen during holidays. Just make sure you don’t invite that guest over next year.

Other Insurance That Can Help You May Need Through Thanksgiving

Pet Insurance

Pets during holiday parties are always in danger due to the number of guests, possible falling objects or guests feeding them harmful human food. As a result, pets can easily get injured or fall ill during or due to the Thanksgiving party. In such cases, the pet must be rushed to the vet to get the appropriate treatment.

Due to such risks, pet owners should have pet insurance to cover any possible injuries or illnesses that may occur at the party (or ever). Pet insurance will cover financial costs related to treatment, medicine, or surgery. Additionally, when hosting parties, it is vital to warn the guests about the pet and ensure they do not feed them.

Travel Insurance

Millions of Americans travel back home to their family yearly for Thanksgiving weekend. There will be even more this year, especially post-pandemic and drop in restrictions. Travelling home is always great but unpredictable. Baggage loss and flight cancellations can ruin the trip.

To avoid and cover these risks, travellers must purchase travel insurance. The insurance will cover all costs related to baggage loss, flight cancellation and even medical emergencies while travelling. It can save a lot financially during challenging situations and help you focus more on enjoying the Thanksgiving party. 

Why Is Insurance Crucial for The Thanksgiving Party?

Hosting a Thanksgiving party is complicated and costly enough, from all the cooking to entertaining. The host should not need to stress about the cost of home damage or lawsuits on top of hosting nerves.

Accidents always happen at the worst times, and suddenly, sometimes you can’t avoid them. Home insurance helps financially take care of things when they go wrong. The insurance will pay for the repair, replacement, and even legal costs- so you never have to worry about the financial loss with home insurance.

Therefore, one of the best factors about the insurance is you can just focus on hosting and worry less about possible accidents. However, you should still be careful; even if home insurance reimburses you the monetary value, there is nothing to replace the emotional value of a home.

It’s time to check your home insurance is updated and valid. If you don’t have home insurance – purchase it now! 

Have a great Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones – we hope none of these Thanksgiving party disasters affects your weekend.


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