Top 5 Insurance You May Need Before Your Summer Holiday

Summer is knowns as one of the best times to travel. It's more than halfway through the year, and time to take a break. There is always something appealing about a summer holiday travel and a warm getaway. The holidays could be with family, friends or even a great solo trip. We all need [...]

Reasons To Purchase Group Travel Insurance for Your Business

Business trips are common in various industries, from client meetings, seminars to business conferences. Each trip typically consists of a group of employees travelling together or different employees travelling at different times. Business travel, like any other trip, involves risks. The best solution to travel risks is travel insurance, a policy that offers a [...]

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Top Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance Now

As borders and countries slowly start opening worldwide, there is one thing on everyone's mind- travelling. We all want to either travel back home, plan that dream holiday, or even travel to visit clients. For some, it has been years since they have booked an exciting trip, packed, and stepped onto a flight. Landing [...]

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