Benefits Of Travel Insurance This Holiday Season

Travelling is an exciting part of the holidays, from booking the tickets to landing and enjoying the destination. Passengers either fly to a new destination or travel to family during the Christmas break. In December 2022, Hong Kong Airport handled around 1.6 million passengers flying out of the city. Holiday travels bring joy but [...]

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Family Travel Insurance: Insurance for Your Next Family Holiday

School summer holidays are just a week away! Two months of holiday for children for fun and freedom. Parents now face the challenge of planning activities and trips and ensuring their kids are busy (for mental sanity). A family holiday is one of the best activities that benefits the kids and parents. Parents typically [...]

Reasons To Purchase Group Travel Insurance for Your Business

Business trips are common in various industries, from client meetings, seminars to business conferences. Each trip typically consists of a group of employees travelling together or different employees travelling at different times. Business travel, like any other trip, involves risks. The best solution to travel risks is travel insurance, a policy that offers a [...]

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10 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Holiday Smooth in 2022

Fingers crossed! Travelling seems to be on its way to becoming normal, like before. Unfortunately, millions of trips and holidays have been ruined in the past few years, especially in Hong Kong. Thankfully, most countries are easing travel restriction-which means you can book that dream vacation and relax on that holiday you deserve. Travelling [...]

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