Main Risks Of Exporting Products Internationally

Have you heard about the recent Red Sea crisis? The Red Sea Crisis is a political issue where the Houthi rebels have been targeting commercial ships that pass through the Red Sea. The canal handled about 12% of global trade, which all international companies now avoid (taking the longer way around). Avoiding the Red [...]

Trade Credit Insurance Process Businesses Must Know

Getting paid on time is one of the best news for any company in the business-to-business industry (B2B). Most B2B businesses provide their product or service to clients or customers on trade credit bases. Trade credit payments entail a company providing products or services first and then receiving payment after on a set date. [...]

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All You Need to Know About Trade Credit Insurance

Manufacturers, suppliers, traders, and many more are part of the business-to-business (B2B) system. Companies and industries that belong to the B2B system either provide a product or service to other businesses with payment through credit terms. Trade credit means both companies have agreed that the purchasing client can buy goods (on credit) without paying [...]

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