Effective Ways to Prevent Business Lawsuits

One of the worst things every company dreads is a lawsuit. A business lawsuit can occur to any business regardless of the size or industry. It is a serious threat that can destroy a company and its future. Lawsuits usually arise due to specific risks associated with the company. These risks can include liability [...]

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Small Business Risks: Identifying And Managing for Success

Every famous successful company worldwide has started as a small business and gradually grown into what it may be today. Starting and running a small business takes a lot, from a business plan to trustworthy employees. Running a small business, also known as a SME, is challenging and requires a deep understanding of the [...]

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Benefits Of Renewing Business Insurance Now

The closer we get to the end of the year, the more policies are expiring and need renewal. It is time to open that insurance file and check if your company needs to renew business insurance(s). Every business has multiple policies that protect them against risks and are the ideal safety net when dealing [...]

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Best Strategy to Protect Your Small Business in Hong Kong

Starting a business today has become easier than ever. Small businesses in Hong Kong all begin with a great idea and a detailed business plan. Small businesses, also known as SMEs, can be started from anywhere, a home or an office. In fact, many famous companies have begun at home with a laptop and [...]

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Retail Insurance: The Best Solution for SME Retailers

However you shop – we all constantly step into many retailers to purchase food, clothes, technology, or any products. These physical shops, e-commerce or franchises are crucial for any country's economic growth. Retailers are the key connection between manufacturers and customers. They are the final sales point and instrumental to the entire distribution channel. [...]

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Why Is Employee Compensation Insurance Important In Hong Kong?

All businesses run with the help of employees. CEOs and directors have a vision for their business and an idea of how they want to grow to succeed. Employees are part of creating and executing the vision with the instructions they receive. Successful companies understand that employees are crucial assets for a business to [...]

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Top 5 Cyber Risks Faced By SMEs And How To Avoid Them?

As a 21st-century business, an online presence is one of the most essential aspects. Most companies depend on the internet for most of their processes. From collecting data, online payments, and emails. As a result, the internet has become a crucial backbone of modern businesses, small or big. Internet and modern technology can provide [...]

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Interview of Augustin Redier for Sesame Asie

Our CEO and Founder Augustin Redier has been interviewed by Raphel Seghier for Sesame Asie Podcast. Through his 11 years of experience between Shanghai and Hong Kong, they are talking about Chinese Market Insurance Evolution. Most importantly, they are talking about how Red Asia Insurance is helping SMEs and Entrepreneurs to better [...]

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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), is a broad method of insurance protection established to safeguard your livelihood. The business environment in Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia is dynamic and rapidly expanding and evolving. And operating in today’s economic environment demands the [...]

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