Famous Manufacturing Defects That Shocked Industries Worldwide

Customers expect the products they purchase to be safe, especially from well-known brands. They usually don't think about the potential risks and dangers of the products and the different stages involved in their creation. It is the responsibility of the companies involved in the production process to ensure the safety of their products. There [...]

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Top 5 Surprising Product Recall Examples

Manufacturing and selling a product has various risks, regardless of the product type. Product defects are one of the worst situations any product business can face. A product defect is when there is a problem with the product that causes harm to the consumer. After a product defect is reported, another nightmare follows, known [...]

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Reasons Businesses Need Product Recall Insurance

Most product companies always keep consumer safety as the number one priority when releasing products. Products include food, medicine, toys, clothes, jewellery, etc. Basically, anything tangible is a product manufactured by a business for a purpose. Businesses invest a large amount into each product, from design to manufacturing to distribution. But what if the [...]

Top Insurance For A Wine Business In Hong Kong

Wine isn’t just an alcoholic drink; it is art, with the combination of different grape varieties, soil, vinification and increasing quality through ageing- for the best ones. Every bottle is made with a lot of effort and has a story of its own. Hong Kong is known as the wine hub of Asia due [...]

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Top 4 Insurances Needed To Cover Product Risks Claims

The goal of many companies is to provide a product that fills a market gap. Every day there is a new idea that converts into a product and meets a specific purpose. The most successful product takes years to create innovative products, as they start with an idea, design, manufacturing, and then selling. Each [...]

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