Industries With The Most Product Defect Claims

Millions of products are created and sold daily all over the world. Every product business has a duty to provide the best product they can while ensuring it is safe for the intended customers. There is always a chance a product may not be as safe as a company may believe. Products could cause [...]

Why Product Recall Insurance is Crucial in the Food Industry?

Every product comes with its risks, especially in the food industry. The food industry is creating millions of products daily. Therefore, various food product risks could be dangerous to the member of the public. Threats could include undeclared ingredients (allergies), untested ingredients or even material contamination (e.g. glass). Therefore, the food industry has to be [...]

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Case Study: Product liability Insurance vs E-Cigarette Explosion Claim

This case study will explain a product injury case and how product liability insurance has helped our client. Product liability insurance covers claims is linked to product defects. A company will be liable for any defects if they design, manufactures or sell a product. In addition, if the product causes property damage, harm or illness [...]

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