Top 10 Tips To Increase Personal Trainer Clients Post Holidays

After the holiday season, many people start their fitness journey to lose the extra weight gained during the festivities and begin their New Year's fitness resolution.  The rise in the number of individuals practising fitness in 2024 provides an excellent opportunity for personal trainers to support and guide clients on their path to wellness. [...]

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Top Insurances for Trainers and Coaches in Hong Kong

Sports trainers and coaches in Hong Kong play a crucial role in teaching various clients sports skills or developing them. Their clients include individuals or teams - kids to professional competing athletes. The profession is always followed by various risks that can negatively impact them. These risks can include accidents, damages, injuries, and liability [...]

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The Best Insurances for Personal Trainers and Gyms

The fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the 21st century, with more people concerned about their health and well-being. Especially in Hong Kong, you cannot walk 15 minutes without seeing a gym or advertisement for personal training. It is an industry that brings positive and helpful benefits to the world. Even [...]

How a Gym Injury Almost Ruined a Fitness Business?

  Gyms are a great place to forget your worries and train to your limit. Especially with the recent opening of gyms, it's time to get in shape and reach physical goals. Although, anyone who works out knows the various risks resulting in gym injuries. Gyms and personal trainers are experts who know about these [...]

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