How To Successfully Organise a Family-Friendly Summer Event?

Hong Kong summer is an excellent time for families to spend time together. Many parents are looking for opportunities for fun activities for their kids and themselves. Family-friendly summer events are a golden opportunity for parents and kids of all ages. The current Hong Kong family activities focus too much on young children and [...]

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How Insurance Covered an Ironman Injury in Hawaii?

Some athletes travel worldwide to compete in marathons, biathlons and even triathlons. One of the most popular and challenging races is the Ironman. The Hawaii Ironman event is the toughest triathlon, and every year is filled with impressive athletes that have been training for years. A full Ironman course consists of a 3.9km swim, [...]

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Case study: How To Cover a Volunteer Injury?

Many of us associate labour day with a holiday and the start of May, but it is much more than that. It is a day to celebrate the amazing work done by employees/ workers. Each company is lucky to have its employees and volunteers that help them grow and meet its goals. Some businesses run [...]

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