Why Has The Pandemic Cover Been Removed From Most Insurance?

There is a countless number of insurances; each insurance has its own purpose, cover and benefits—Insurers design specific insurance for businesses and personal advantage. The right insurance can save a company or an individual from substantial financial damages. Insurance is a growing industry due to the amount of possible risks worldwide.  One of these risks [...]

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Technology Trends That Will Change The Logistic Industry In 2022

Like every industry, the logistics industry was disturbed due to pandemic and had to plan logistic activities around covid. Reportedly, the industry will change the way it operates from 2022 onwards, with the increase in technological trends. As a result, emerging technologies are shaping the future of the logistics industry. The global logistics industry is [...]

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The Drastic Increase of Cyber Risks from 2021 to 2023

Insurance Journal has said, ‘Cyber Rates Could Double Before 2023, as Attacks Skyrocket.’ Researchers have noticed that the pandemic has caused many financial losses due to cyber-attacks in the past few years. In addition, cyber-attacks have doubled since 2020, resulting in high awareness of cyber risk. S&P Global [...]

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