Ultimate Guide to Recognise And Prevent Employee Burnout

Over time the workplace has become a more competitive environment. Employees are trying to stand out from their peers, and companies are pushing their employees to reach goals faster. Competition can indeed drive success, but it can also create negative environments and work stress. Work stress has increased worldwide more than ever; employees are [...]

Top 5 Employee Cyber Security Training to Avoid Cyber Attacks

Cyber threats are getting harder to detect and smarter, especially with artificial intelligence (AI). Security Magazine research reported there are over 2,200 attacks daily, almost one cyberattack every 39 seconds. More than 90% of cyberattacks are enabled, due to human error, also known as employee error in businesses. Sadly, no company is safe from [...]

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Important Hong Kong Insurance Knowledge For Employees

Companies purchase insurance to protect against numerous risks, which they do not explain to their employees. Insurance for companies can be a complex topic, and many employees avoid learning about policies themselves. However, all employees must have some basic Hong Kong insurance knowledge that can protect them in the future. When employees understand insurance, [...]

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How To Motivate Your Employees Post-Holiday Breaks?

Holiday blues hit hard this time of the year. You and your employees have just come back from an amazing holiday, and now it's time to get back to reality. Returning to work after a long break is complicated and, in some cases, sad. Although work is important, it's time to motivate your employees [...]

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