Managing Supply Chain Risks with Essential Insurance

The supply chain is a network of companies, from manufacturers to retailers, that convert raw materials into products and distribute/deliver them to end customers. It is the most critical process that enables the global operation of the product industry. The process involves manufacturers, warehouses, transportation companies and retailers.  Every product business uses supply chain [...]

Incoterms: Ultimate Guide to International Commercial Terms

All business deals begin with a seller and end with a buyer. Some transactions of products/goods are local, but many times they are international. When goods move from an international seller to a buyer, the process is more complex: various responsibilities and rules exist. When a buyer purchases products from an international seller, they [...]

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Main Insurances for Logistics Companies Worldwide

The movement of products is vital for thousands of businesses and the public. Most international brands transport their products worldwide to increase sales and reach new markets. The transportation of products is impossible without logistics companies. The movement can be from business to distributor or business to business; the products could be anything from [...]

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The Importance Of Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance

Thousands of ships, planes, trucks and even trains are used to deliver cargo from one place to another. The movement of cargo is a process that occurs worldwide and is a crucial part of the supply chain and economic growth. Cargo could be anything from small parts to fully assembled cars. When a company [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Cargo Insurance And Why Businesses Need It?

Millions of products are being imported or exported from one country to another daily. Sometimes we don't even notice a product is imported by a business. For example, companies could import your food, wine, phone, or even clothes. Importing and exporting products is part of the logistics industry, and the products are called cargo. [...]

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Top Industries That Will Thrive In 2022 & The Best Insurance Cover

We wore a mask, had lockdowns, avoided travel, got the vaccine. We all thought this pandemic would be over by now. 2021 was a challenging year for almost everyone; there were more downs than ups. Although 2022 has begun, it’s a new year for your business and you. This year, there seems to be hope [...]

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