Incoterms: Ultimate Guide to International Commercial Terms

All business deals begin with a seller and end with a buyer. Some transactions of products/goods are local, but many times they are international. When goods move from an international seller to a buyer, the process is more complex: various responsibilities and rules exist. When a buyer purchases products from an international seller, they [...]

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Main Insurances for Logistics Companies Worldwide

The movement of products is vital for thousands of businesses and the public. Most international brands transport their products worldwide to increase sales and reach new markets. The transportation of products is impossible without logistics companies. The movement can be from business to distributor or business to business; the products could be anything from [...]

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Technology Trends That Will Change The Logistic Industry In 2022

Like every industry, the logistics industry was disturbed due to pandemic and had to plan logistic activities around covid. Reportedly, the industry will change the way it operates from 2022 onwards, with the increase in technological trends. As a result, emerging technologies are shaping the future of the logistics industry. The global logistics industry is [...]

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Hong Kong Container Volume Dips for Third Straight Month

Hong Kong container port has seen year-over-year container volume growth decelerate for three consecutive months. Numbers from the Marine Department of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region show Hong Kong handled throughput of 1.8 million TEUs in September, down 7.3 percent from September 2013. Hong Kong's year-to-date volume totals 16.8 million TEUs, up 1.5 [...]

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