International Insurances: Key Policies for Global Business Success

Every business owner dreams of the day their company goes international. Being an international company opens up multiple doors of opportunities and benefits. Global business success takes a large amount of effort, connections and also risk management. Global business success comes with various international risks that can close those doors immediately. Working with foreign [...]

Owner Corporation Liability Insurance – All You Need To Know

There are thousands of buildings and skyscrapers in Hong Kong that are either used for residential or commercial purposes. Each building is operated by a corporate company that ensures the facility is kept updated and manages the admin side of the building. The building corporation management is liable for several duties regarding the building, [...]

Leading Professions That Need Professional Indemnity PI Insurance

Countless liability risks can negatively ruin careers and companies. Professional liability must always be protected with insurance, specifically professional indemnity insurance (PI insurance). Clients and customers expect a certain level of service from professionals, and when not provided, clients can take legal action for their damage. No matter how careful a professional is or [...]

Model Agency Insurance – The Best Talent Agency Protection

Around every corner, we see some brand advertisements, billboards, or posters. All these visual strategies have something in common: the use of models. Each brand tries to include a human touch to its brand by using an attractive face (model). These models are used to tempt and attract more consumers to use products. Many [...]

Why Every School Needs School Liability Insurance Now?

Kindergartens, primary/secondary schools and universities-Teachers and schools can be a big part of a person's thinking, personal growth, and experience. Schooling is a crucial factor in developing critical thinking and building foundation knowledge. Additionally, learning/education is the best path towards a successful and happy life. It gives us a better understanding of life; sometimes, [...]

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Top 4 Liability Insurances To Protect Your Business

Starting a business in this generation is always an outstanding achievement and has its challenges. Running a company may be tough, but it is rewarding and can change lives. Every business owner and CEO  want their business to succeed and grow further. As soon as one starts a business, they are automatically liable for [...]

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