The Effects of Climate Change on The Insurance Industry

In recent years, climate change has become more evident and serious due to disasters and rising temperatures. The outcome is becoming devastating, with natural disasters continuously destroying and ruining lives. Businesses have felt the tremors through their company and its process. Many industries have been greatly affected by the climate change. Each industry has [...]

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Benefits Of Being an Eco-Friendly Business in Asia

The environment is always a growing concern in any business industry. More companies are attempting to be eco-friendly businesses in Asia and worldwide. Even the slightest change over the years can greatly impact and motivate others. However, many Asian companies don't know or do not consider the benefits of being an eco-friendly business. It [...]

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Easy Steps to Be an Eco-Friendly Business in Hong Kong

As Earth Day moves closer this week, it reminds us why protecting the environment is essential. Our planet Earth never stops giving to us; it's the thing keeping us alive. We sometimes forget how amazing this planet is with its scenic nature and fascinating animals.  Especially in Hong Kong, most of us work in [...]

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